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  • Hi

    Looking to buy one of these, but have noticed that they have been sold out for some time. Will there be a new batch soon or is something new coming to replace it? :)


  • The ACA1221ec has been replaced by the ACA1221lc quite some time ago (2019 if I remember right). This latest card of the series is also the fastest "per MHz" that I've made. In numbers: The new card gives you 16% more CPU performance at 6.4% lower clock rate.

    Further, it's the first 68020 card that can sync the CPU to the main board, giving you 100% compatibility with a stock A1200. Finally the same CPU (68ec020, which has restrictions in the amount of memory that it can address) gives you more available memory than the ACA1221ec. On top of that, the IDE speeder can give you up to 4.5MB/sec CF card read speed, or even 7MB/sec if you have a fast physical harddrive.

    In other words: The ACA1221lc does everything a little better than the ACA1221ec, so there is no need for the old design any more.

  • I have the ACA1221lc connected with the ACA500Plus. Running it at 46,50 MHz without problems (a good PSU is recommended).

    There are some problems with memory if you use KS 3.1.4. With KS 3.0 or 3.1 your A500 will be flying.


    A1200 Rev2B AmigaOS 3.2| SanDisk CF64GB HDD | Blizzard 1230 IV 64MB FPU 68882/50 | Indivision AGA MK3 | CA-PSU | Eizo S1933 | Bose Companion 2 series III

    A500 Rev6A AmigaOS 3.2| SanDisk CF16GB HDD | ACA500Plus V2 / ACA1221lc | Indivision ECS V3 | ACE2b | CA-PSU | Eizo S1933 | Bose Companion 2 series III

    iAmiga 27" :huh: | AmigaOS 3.2 FS-UAE | SDD 1 TB | RTG by Picaso96 2560x1440

  • Note that the MHz display in Sysinfo is way off. It just does not know that a 68020 can be that fast - memory at this speed was not around when Sysinfo was written.

    The MHz display of AIBB is closer to reality.

  • This is the MemTest from AIBB, CPU Clock at 40 MHz