Aca500plus and aca1221ec, double the ram?

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  • Hi, I have an Amiga 500 rev.5, with a ACA500plus which works great. I just recently bought an ACA1221EC on eBay (I haven't received it yet) I was wondering if the amount of ram from BOTH accelerators will be available for the computer or maybe only from one of them and I guess in that case it will be the 9mb from the 1221.

  • The ACA1221ec and ACA1221lc RAM "shadows" the ACA500plus RAM. Both CPUs have very limited address space withonly 16MByte, so just adding mem is not possible. Only the "bigger" accelerators that use CPUs with full 32-bit address space can add more memory, for example the ACA1233n.

    The good news is that the RAM on the accelerator is considerably faster, and the ACA500plus will make use of the 1MB MapROM feature of the ACA1221ec and ACA1221lc.

  • Ok, but it is still possible to unlock more ram with a license, how is it, that it that the card can handle that? Also, would it not be best to let the aca500plus handle maprom, I have put kickstart 3.1.4 in one of the available slots and then installed wb 3.1.4 it all works fine, I thought I would need to disable the maprom in the 1221.

  • Hi again, I just answered my own question I think, I googled a bit, and I was not aware, that the 1221ec cannot be unlocked with more ram, but maybe higher speeds or do no upgrades exist for the EC model?

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