Indivision ECS V2 and setup

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  • Hello,

    I think I'm missing something very obvious, but I'm trying to use an Indivision ECS V2 in an a2000 with a CRT that can diskplay 1280x1024. I worked with the Indivision tool and the screen resolution does look correct, but the workbench window is a little screen in the middle. So I went into the Workbench screen modes and changed to use HighGFX: Super High Res Laced, and that does fill the screen, but now stuck with only 4 colors.

    Am I missing something obvious here? Am I not configuring this correctly?

  • Indivision ECS V2 will only display the resolution and colours that the Amiga produces. It is not a GFX card, not an RTG solution, just a flicker fixer.

  • Thanks for the quick response, I suppose I had thought that the Indivision ECS V2 came with extra modes for higher resolutions and more colors.

    This can be marked as resolved, thanks again.