Indivision ECS V2: Issue with PANG

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  • Hi,

    With the Indivison ECS v2 one of the start screens doesn't work correctly, it is supposed to show an animation that becomes the logo but the screen remains mostly black except the ocean logo and copyright at the bottom

    I.e this is what you're supposed to see (after pressing Fire at the big OCEAN logo)

    And this is what I see:

    The game works fine with an ECS Denise, other than the logo the game works fine but I figured if there's a bug here it might impact other users for other games etc so I thought I should report it

  • Is there any other game/program that causes an issue in your setup? Further, if you've cross-checked with an ECS Denise, did you also enable the ECS feature in the config tool? The game might be confused by the actual chipset combination.

    Please also describe your exact config: Type of Amiga (including board revision), type of Agnus, amount of Chip ram, PAL or NTSC, what power supply are you using, how do you launch the game (floppy/WHDload)?

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