P96 Memory problem..it seems?

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  • Hello Jens, Dear iComp / Individual Computer,

    I'm reporting a probably long standing bug since 2.0 as well as 2.4.4.. I've checked each version since paying for new P96 2.4. I use a PicassoIV and CVisonPPC (some day I'd love for that to be fully supported, other than merely a Workbench screen; but I've been informed you all don't have a CVPPC to test with..). There are times when I use MultiView through Directory Opus 5.81 to 5.92. I have MultiView set so that when multiple JPG, JPG or PNG files are selected (around 75 or more) of varying resolutions from small to very large, that P96 will crash my Amiga 4000 when Memory is full. However, if I switch to CyberGraphics V4 + last update, MultiView used this way will give many "Not Enough Memory" and not display anymore pictures atop others. But the Amiga usable and I'm able to have it close all MultView windows..and keep repeating the process for testing, or selecting a different group of images.

    It's a fun way of showing Multi-Tasking to people, and also displaying a bunch of pictures at once...and closing their window one by one when done viewing.

    I have WarpDT for JPEG/JPG, as well WarpDT for PNG..as well as the others on his Website. For a while I thought it was a MultiView or WarpDT bug since I don't use CGX4 unless I want to do play some 3D game or so. My Workbench is on a P96 screen..or CGX4 screen. I have 128MB with my CyberstormPPC.. I also have 16MB RAM on Motherboard. Everything is functioning very well, otherwise. I may still do a lot of stuff, including copying files, playing games, and pushing WHDLoad limits. So, RAM is good, hardware is good. I switch between OS 3.5 and 3.1.4.(1).

    If you want to know anything else, I'll answer as best I'm able.

  • A simple way of finding out if it's P96 or the CVPPC driver would be to perform the same action on a computer with a similar amount of memory, but a different GFX card, and see if the same crash happens.

    If you open and close a few pictures without exceeding memory, does it free all memory, or is there a loss of free memory every time you open and close pictures?

  • I have another A4K Motherboard. The crash is reproducible that way..when I connect everything to it.

    Oops, I have open and closed a few, 3 or 4.. The exact amount a memory is not returned with either P96 or CGX4+Last Update). I assume then that CGX4 has a better detection method than P96, currently? Looks like both have a memory leak. I didn't notice that closely before...at exactly how much ram is not returned. So, CGX4 has a better check but both have a memory leak. Hmm..?

  • You've done "almost" the right thing, but your result doesn't exactly take us any further. My goal was to change as little as possible, and try to locate the problem within P96, which consists of a core and a driver. You have now changed both, the WB emulation and the driver, so the only thing we can currently say is that there's a memory leak "somewhere", but not exactly where.

    My hope was (and still is) that someone with a completely different setup (for example one of the new mntnm gfx cards) could give this a try and report back if the crash also happens.

  • I understand your goal of minimal affect to reproduce the effect. Now that you understand there IS a memory leak somewhere, you're able to seek and find it. Whereas before, it was probably unknown...thus perhaps not considered.

    That's a great thing if it happens; someone else replies. That's...why I started this.

    What's an "mntnm" gfx board? I'm not hip to all the new retro and otherwise systems..