Acatool for ACA1221

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  • Hi,

    I have the ACA1221, upgraded to the highest possible. I downloaded the new Acatool, and I am pretty sure its supposed to support the ACA1221 and not just the two newer ones called ec and lc?

    I tried to use the Acatool on my Amiga with the ACA1221 installed, but it says it does not see any valid expansion card installed. So I used the old Acatools instead like Acatune to Maprom and such.

  • ACATool doesn't currently support the ACA1221, only ACA1221ec and ACA1221lc.

    Ahh, okay. I guess ACATool is mainly a convenience upgrade anyway, since the old toolset does seem to have the same options, just spread over different commands. I was just unsure from reading its description whether or not it was supposed to work for ACA1221, so I figured it best to report it here.