ACA1221lc Lost most of its RAM!

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  • Hi,

    So looking for a bit of support here.

    I purchased an ACA1221lc new back in September, I've barely had much use from it as I've been slowly refurbishing my A1200 over the last few months.

    Recently it's really struggled to get past a black screen on power up, usually after many attempts at pulling it back 1mm on the edge connector, when it does eventually boot it's only showing 1.5MB of Fast Ram in ShowConfig.

    The edge connector is very clean after motherboard has been ultrasonically cleaned and recapped at Retro Passion.

    Any advice would be welcomed, should I just sent it back for you guys to take a look at?

    Thanks in advance.

  • ultrasonically cleaned

    OMG - sounds like snake oil treatment.

    Any advice would be welcomed,

    General advice: Don't repair it if it ain't broke.

    I'd ask retro passion what chemicals they have used, and especially how they made sure that no damage to the board has been done (especially long-term effects).

    Cleaning should never be done with fancy chemicals like contact sprays, as these usually contain extra lubricants for old potentiometers. These have negative effects on the ENIG contacts of the A1200. What you *should* use is IPA (available for cheap at pharmacies) and a micro fibre cloth. For the ACA1221lc-side (white connector), you also use Isopropanol, but an old toothbrush to get into the connector.

    However, the most likely explanation is that you've set the de-brick jumper, and that keeps the autoconfig software from running. As a result, you only see memory that does not need extra software to be added. Just run the ACAtool and see what the settings are, and of course check that jumper.

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