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  • "PME" stands for "power management event": If the Ethernet card gets a wakeup-packet, it pulses the middle pin for a brief period.

    This is currently a completely unused connector - there is neither software, nor hardware that supports this.

    The initial thought was to make a simple cable that wires the PME signal to the left mouse button (LMB) signal. If you're a developer doing cross-development, you could do something similar to this:

    - write your code on a PC

    - have the Amiga start with network enabled

    - push oyur test-binary through network to Amiga

    - remotely execute a batch script that shuts down network and launches the test-binary

    At this point, you no longer have remote contorl over the Amiga, and for returning from the test-binary and re-starting the network stack, you need access to the keyboard or mouse. For the case that you've coded in a "press LMB to exit", you'd still have the possibility to send a PME packet to the Amiga, which the chip would translate into the PMU signal - with a self-made cable connected between the Amiga and the mouse, you'd have the complete round-trip test of your binary done remotely.

    Since this is "very nieche", I believe that even Timm didn't execute this (did you?).

  • No, I always have the left mouse button in my reach. I remember having played around with wakeup packages, but I think I haven't seen anything like that working. There were factors that made it unfeasible in practice, but I don't remember the details.

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