Indivision MK3 AGA Display Issues via HDMI

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  • HI,

    Just Yesterday i got my MK3 Card and installed in in A1200 as per instruction, i pushed it hard to lisa chip so i can lift board by pooling the card.

    So after install it worked, sort of, It took longer than i remember to show kickstart screen but it did, than i disovered that floppy drive is not booting floppies,

    well i turned off the Amiga, i refitted the FDD drive and than Magic on screen started, I powered on the amiga with hdmi output and.... greay wierd screen, no Indvidual computers logo on start nothing, i have stripped apart amiga try to run just with board, sometimes it showed the logo but than didnt show Kickstart screeen. After all i decided to double check if amiga is still working at all, I have removed the MK3 putt all togheter and started amiga, put workbench disk and it worked (well sort of i dont have RGB cabel yet so i could not see anything) but at least i knew amiga is alive. On last test i did, i conntected the Amiga to a TV (before it was Samsung monitor) hopeing that maybe something happend and MK3 is sending signal that monitor is not able to read, but.. the same on the Sony Bravia TV, last thing i check was live menu and that works but chaning any values just changes the grey to black and thats it.
    I checked the Lista chip all seems ok, card is fitted well so i am running out of ideas. I just started setting this amiga up, so its basic A1200 Magic with original black PSU, no extensions.

    Here you can see the pictures :

  • The original black PSU is a 3A unit - it should be OK for just an A1200 and the flicker fixer, but I'd only operate it if it's been re-capped. Ripple is a major problem with old PSUs, as you can see on a lot of resolved threads here in the forum. The old A500 power supplies often give a better result, so if you have a spare one to test, that would be great.

    I'd further look for a contact problem - clean the Lisa chip with alcohol (IPA) and an old toothbrus, then re-seat Indivision while the chip is still wet.

  • HI Jens, Unfortunetely i dont have separeate PSU. The logo of IC is not showing, after power on it goes straight to that wierd grayish screen, what that can indicate ? the contact problem ?

  • Yes - going straight to a picture means that the flicker fixer attempts to display something, but that "something" is plain wrong. This either indicates a contact problem, or a wrong clock from the main board (which can of course also be a contact problem).

  • Jens, thanks a lot.
    - PSU: I just ordered from you the PSU, I guess it should arrive to me fast i am in Trier :)

    - IPA: Ordered the IPA contact spray from Globus

    I will keep you posted on the progress.

  • IPA contact spray

    contact sprays often have extra lubricants in them - I wouldn't risk that. The cheapest source of IPA in Germany is still a pharmacy (ask for "Isopropanol"). Use a micro fibre cloth to clean it - "Mikrofasertuch" should be available at any discounter, or it's present in your kitchen already.

  • HI,
    So i have cleaned the LISA chip as suggested, but still no effect, on top of that i got finaly my RGB-SCART cable so i tested using that cable and scart-to-hdmi converter and that shows no signal (but i guess thats the cheap amazon converter issue no working with amiga screen mode properly) In attachment you can see pictures of the lisa chip and the mk3 card, maybe you can spot something i cant:

  • It appears like much of the goo that appears to come from a heat transfer paste, has gotten on the Indivision socket. Please clean that off - it will only cause trouble. Again, IPA and micro fibre cloth is your friend.

    With improved lighting and better focus, I may be able to tell if there's a loose pin on Lisa. Especially the first pic is blurry - would be good if you could give it LOTS more light and make sure to set your camera to "macro" if it has such a setting.

  • Ok, so i did 30 minutes deep rub and clean of both lisa and indivision but that has no effect what so ever

    here are the pictures with i hope better light

  • HI,
    Small update at least i know LISA chip is ok, i got composite scart cable and with my scart-hdmi converter i have a picture, so at least if you would ask me to flash the card etc I am able to do that.

  • here are the pictures with i hope better light

    Light is much better, but the chip is casting shadow on it's own pins, so the most interesting part of the solder connection is not visible. What you're looking for is a micro-crack in a solder connection. Here's a picture of a good solder connection:

    And here's a picture of a micro crack in a solder connection - usually only see from the side:

    This is kinda hard to capture in a photo. I took these pictures over a decade ago when I made the first A600 accelerator. Took me some time to get all angles right and the lens not being in light's way. Still not perfect, but I haven't had a photo model with such a nice crack again since then :-)

  • This is the exact same problem that I had here: Indivision AGA Mk 3 bad picture

    It was unrelated to contact or PSU issues as other flickerfixers such as the Indivision Mk2 worked perfectly in the same machine, while the Mk3 showed the same problem on other machines.

    McPolish, do you know someone else that has an A1200 that you could test your board in? It might save you a lot of work.

  • Reffy, we've already established that your unit was working normally here, and that your PicoPSU modification might be at fault. I do see a massive difference here, as your case is "worked at first, then died after some operational hours". This one here is "doesn't start at all, shows garbage".

  • That is untrue, as you would know if you read the entire thread. This was the original issue, which the card was returned for the first time around. It never worked perfectly beforehand.

  • Reffy, we've already established that your unit was working normally here, and that your PicoPSU modification might be at fault. I do see a massive difference here, as your case is "worked at first, then died after some operational hours". This one here is "doesn't start at all, shows garbage".

    Jens, my card worked on first boot (you can see that on first picture in my first post) i have installed it, floppy drive wasnt working for some reason (i guess wrongly connected) so i re

    connected the floppy, screewed the case and it stoped working since. it did once or twice show the indivision screen, but than just that gray screen.
    Reffy unfortunetely i dont have anyone with A1200 here. If there is anyone on the forum around Trier or Luxemburg i am happy to check it out..

  • New PSU from ICOMP should arrive tommorow so maybe that would change something, if not i would like to return card for testing, i can even bring it in person since you are not that far away :)

  • OK, so I may have a chance to investigate this without a customs border in between.

    Would you be willing to send the whole system of A1200, Indivision AGA MK3 and PSU to us for investigation? We did have a very small number of customers with a "never worked properly"-problem and just refunded them. However, it would be much better if we can resolve it at some point, but that will only be possible if we can reproduce the problem here.

  • HI, I dont realy want to SEND whole system, but i am willing to bring it my self :)
    its just bit over 100km and fuel in Luxembourg is cheap.

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