UK shipping

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  • ^^ I cant see to tell see where I tell them I'm expecting a parcel. Is that the add new delivery box ?

    When your logged in on the my account page there is a button called 'Add new delivery' click this and fill in the form.

    ^^ According to there instructions, you do this first or do this not matter ?


    It doesn't matter, from what they said you don't even have to pre-inform them of the delivery it just speeds up there process.

    I did the 'add delivery' on their website first then purchased in IComp.

    Let me know how you get on, or if you have any other questions

  • They have the package. How do I arrange the onward shipment to England ? Or do I wait for them to contact me ?

    It will take them a couple of days (actually took a week for me, but was apparently down to bad weather) to process the package as being yours, keep checking their website until it shows that they have the package. The there will be the option to pay for the postage.

  • my ACE2b arrived today. So all in took about a 9 days from ordering using mygermany. For items that fall under the VAT limit this process works if your happy to pay double postage. I fear that for more expensive items UK customers would get stung for double VAT payment plus double shipping costs. Which on a premium product such as the proposed ACA1260 i imagine would be very costly.

  • very dissapointed i tried to buy somethibg from you today and find out you wont ship to the uk because your too lazy to sort it out. Stick it up your arse cunt.

  • We do ship to the UK - and the minimum shopping cart value is something that your glorious government has negotiated with the EU. And about that "laziness" - we did try. Numerous times - writing eMails, attempting to go through registration procecces, but always ending up in a loop where one web page says that registration isn't possible here, go there, and if we go "there", it points us back to the page we came from.

    Pardon my lack of patience, but I have a hard time believing that going back and forth between pages will produce any other outcome when done a fourth or fifth time.

    That said: Watch your language. We're only executing. If you have something to complain about, please go to those who MAKE the rules.

  • What Boris Johnson was saying before the referendum was not what the politicians delivered. The British people imho were lied to. I honestly believe millions fell for the lies and voted to leave the EU. The problem was the country voted on promises not a done deal, the biggest promise being our struggling health service would benefit from a £350 million cash injection per week which would come about from leaving the EU.

    This government we have strives to keep the rich, rich and taps into the working class prejudices and concerns about immigration / jobs. Essentially tapping into two lots of voters who normally would not vote for the same party. As long as the retired final salary pension generation keep voting for them and they continue to bang on about immigration I don't see how they will get voted out. My 2p on how we arrived at this mess

  • I've just tried to purchase an item, and the only shipping options available are €999.99

    What's going on?

    THe import rules of your country require the contents of a parcel to be of a minimum value, otherwise the seller has to register for paying VAT in the UK. Since that registeration process is broken, and nobody in your country appears to care, I Have done the only thing that's legally possible: Have a minimum requirement of 135 UKP or just over 157 EUR, otherwise shipping is not possible.

    Sorry, but we're a serious business and therefore try to comply with all the rules and regulations out there. No matter how useful (or not) they seem to appear.

  • Hi Jens, Thanks for elaborating. I completely understand, I've added another item to my basket and shipping charge has come down to something more realistic! Order has been placed now, thanks very much!

  • Hi Jens is shipping to UK still available ? Is there a change to the minimum order value. Would like to order a couple of the new CF adapters, but don't really want to order 4 or 5 to pass the threshold.

  • UK legislation has not changed, the minimum order value is not my choice. Maybe kick your government to make legislation for the people, and think less about parties...

  • Nice thought, but if I remember right, you didn't want to invest in the minimum amount of stock that we require. Many resellers have just become scalpers, especially when a new product comes out. Nobody is willin to invest some upfront money, but if something new comes out, they want it first, do nice advertising and push stok out, but when it comes to service, they disappear. Sorry, seen that too often in the past, and the list of resellers that I believe are doing good service for the retro community is shrinking.