Covid 19

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  • Any news on how Covid is affecting you guys ? Do you still ship to Norway ?

    Greets best regards and stay safe in this hysteria and danger !

  • Would this VOEC thing in Norway add a lot of fuss to your organisation ?

    Thanks for pointing this out - yes, it does add a lot of handling, and no, I haven't implemented this. It doesn't seem to be optional, but mandatory for goods below 3000 NOK (about 285 EUR, so almost all goods we're selling).

    I need to read up on this and see how I can implement it in the shop system - different VAT rates depending on country were already impossible to display for the EU-downloads, but having another country with extraordinarily high VAT rate (25% for Norway!) means that we need to do major re-programming in the shop sytem, and I need to contact a number of Norwegian customers who have pre-ordered power supplies and flicker fixers, because they were charged no VAT at all.

    If you happen to know a loophole that lets me continue to treat exports from Europe VAT-free, that would be great. Otherwise, I might have to add an extra percentage on all exports to Norway for paying the extra work we'll have with the extra tax declaration and web shop programming.

    Edit: Found the loophole, but doesn't apply, as small companies with less than 50.000 NOK (=about 4750 EUR) revenue in Norway per year are exempt. We've just (barely) crossed this with the pre-orders of flicker fixers and power supplies.

    Edit2: It gets even worse! If the shopping cart contains a more expensive item (over 3000 NOK), it must be shipped in a separate shipment, which is then subject to border taxation. OMFG! The headline was "simplified", but it seems like politicians around the globe are too far away from real life to make decisions with common sense.

  • But I think IF not implemented by seller it seems I pay postoffice fee+VAT on import to Norway as usual before, so its not a crisis.

    Though I agree for sure it seems they try to curb free trade for small sellers more than they try to help out on trade :-(

  • I went through all the paperwork and started the registration. Our VOEC number arrived, and we're already collecting VAT from Norwegian customers.

    The shop system actually has all the provisions to apply different tax rates to different countries, but my invoicing system doesn't, so that needs some additional programming (as that invoicing system also feeds the tax advisor). This is due anyway, as the EU has a similar thing that will start on january 1st, 2021 - so I decided to take this step forward and implement that, as it's a good test bed for implementing the EU directive next year.

    Further, it's going to speed up parcels to Norway, as there are no other duties on incoming parcels if each position on the invoice is under 3000 NOK. Our VoEC number will be on the customs declaration, so Norwegian customs will just waive it through, and the customer won't be charged the flat fee for customs that is currently applied. I'd say that's a true "win" for Norwegian customers.

  • Hopefully the shipping cost to the USA eases up soon.

    While DHL is pulling the "because of COVID-19"-card, I fear that us small businesses are paying the losses that DHL is making with the big boys (Amazon & co).

    There's no sign of anyone missing out on the new flicker fixers - we've produced a lot.

  • Mexico doesn't appear to be a problem right now - "all green" on the Deutsche Post/DHL page. I went through all the countries with/without restrictions and made quite a few changes in shipping now - many countries are now off the "no shipping" list, but delays are to be expected with many countries.

    In any case, it won't arrive sooner if you order later :-)

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