Add items to order/accelerator card stock

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  • Hi,

    I placed an order on Friday (88524) but wanted to add an item to it. I sent an email yesterday but decided to create this thread because I wanted to ask if you have an idea if there will be ACA1233n accelerators in stock soon.

    Sorry if this thread is misplaced.


  • By pure coincidence, I looked into my eMails yesterday (on a Sunday - don't tell my wife!), and pointed the customer to the "combined shipping" method that is available to registered users. So now that this thread has been opened anyway, here's how anyone can add to an existing, unshipped order and only pay for shipping once:

    If you don't already have a member account, please register an on, make sure that the shipping address is identical to the one used in a possible guest-order. Then log in, go to "guest orders" where all guest orders with that shipping address will be listed.

    You can then associate an order with your member account by entering the order ID as password. This is required because you may live in a big apartement building with more of our customers and "steal" the orders from them, and that would essentially be a data leak here - hence the order ID "as password", which only you can know.

    While an order still has the status "awaiting payment" or "pending", you can place a new order and choose "combined shipping", which is free. Not sure if other shops offer this service - It was important to me, so I had this developed for our shop system.

  • Hi Jens!

    That’s actually a very clever system. On other online shops, if I want to add to the order, I have to contact them, they have to give me new instructions for a payment or give me a promo code to insert in a new order (to compensate for shipping added cost).

    After knowing about your system it’s pretty straightforward and easy to add items to your order. As I had already an account it was as easy as choose the item, select combined shipping, make payment and boom... done.

    Great job!

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