Buddha not Booting

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  • i have the exact same problem with my Anniversary Buddha the board was working fine and now it does not boot from Dom or connected to a cf card,the board has never been inserted the wrong way,it does get very hot to touch also

  • It was a simple re-flash and the card works again. There's a second case like this, and that other Buddha is here already for the second time. THe solution is - again - just to re-flash the card.

    I'd like to investigate this further - can you remember if it worked for some time and then didn't? Or maybe only stopped working after you've put it into a special model? Can you list the exact power supply types that are in your A2000s? Maybe take pictures of the labels?

    Hi, I'm having the same problem here. No detecting any device CF, HDD nor the included DOM. The Hdd led never flashes even connected to channel one or channel two. Received at the start of the month and never worked but I don't have any other Zorro card to test. The card is detected on boot menu and in Sysinfo.

    Is the flash procedure the same as described in the wiki? Or this flash procedure must be done in your workshop?

    Thank you,


  • Is the flash procedure the same as described in the wiki?

    Yes, it is. The flash chip losing it's contents - at least on a few bytes - has happened to other customers under circumstances that we couldn't find any pattern for (yet).

    Please try re-flashing your unit first - if it's back to working, I'd like to get the details f your system, too, so we can maybe find some common thing.

  • Well, today arrived at home a bit earlier than expected ;D

    So time to create a floppy with the flash utility of the wiki. The flashing process went smoothly:

    And after the reboot the supplied DOM started to boot!!!

    My idea is to install WB3.1 in a 32GB SDD but for the test I used a compact flash adapter I have used in a ZX Spectrum before . It has an small cable to get the power from the controller card. It worked well with 128MB CF and a 512MB microSD with SD adapter plus a SD2CF adapter.

    I tested various DOM and CF adapters but no luck. Tomorrow I will test with the SSD.

    This is a V6.2 motherboard with this power supply:

    Best regards,


  • Hi,

    after some weeks shutdown today I powered on the machine... and it doesn't boot.

    I re-flashed and now all is working normally so I think that this card needs a new flash chip...

    Can I use any 28C256 PLCC available? or must be the same model CSI CAT28C256? I can find fast another vendors chip.


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