Buddha not Booting

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  • Please make sure that all devices are properly powered and jumpered: If the DOM shall be used, then the DOM-power jumper must be set. If you're using an IDE harddisk, please double-check the jumper settings for master/slave.

    Are the zorro slots known-good? Did the battery of your A2000 ever leak?

  • every thing jumpered ok(Dom Power jumper set). Zorro slots working(work with memmory boards and scsi boards.)

    Before Inserting the buddha card i removed extra mem and scsi card to avoidd conflict.

    Battery is removed and no damage.

  • Each and every controller that leaves here has passed a single-unit test. For the Buddha controller, this even includes that the controller even writes it's own installation DOM, which can be considered an in-depth test of all functionalities. I am therefore confident that the unit you have there is working, and you're missing a small thing.

    Please try to take the controller out, then clean the contacts with alcohol (Isopropanol or IPA) and micro fibre cloth. If a slot has not been used in years, fine dust and other particulate matter might have accumulated on the contacts, which is then transferred to the Buddha when it was first inserted. It's therefore also a good idea if you clean your slots with alcohol and an old toothbrush. Once that's done, please re-insert the controller and try again.

    If you can, please take a picture of the installation and post it here.

  • Here the foto`s how card is installed.

    Cleant slots in both computers and card.

    In booth menu card is recognised in both computers but is not working see photo.Here onely the zorro card was installed.

  • If you plug the DOM to the first slot, close the power jumper and run HDToolbox for "buddhascsi.device" - is it seen then? If not, can you make a screenshot of what's seen?

    Please do make sure that hdtoolbox is using buddhascsi.device, not the standard scsi.device.

  • Did you ever plug this unit in the other way round? If so, the 22R resistor (marked with an arrow on the card) is blown, and HDToolbox won't show anything in that case.

  • When running HDToolbox, did you change the icon information from "scsi.device" to "buddhascsi.device"?

    (change this using the WB menu Icon, choose Information, go to tab Icon and change value SCSI_DEVICE_NAME)

  • It was a simple re-flash and the card works again. There's a second case like this, and that other Buddha is here already for the second time. THe solution is - again - just to re-flash the card.

    I'd like to investigate this further - can you remember if it worked for some time and then didn't? Or maybe only stopped working after you've put it into a special model? Can you list the exact power supply types that are in your A2000s? Maybe take pictures of the labels?

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