If you need to return something to iComp for service...

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  • Since it's been a way-too-common question lately, here's a check list for returning things to us for service.

    First of all, please include everything that we need to replicate the fault, and also include all accessories in the original box. We may just exchange your return for a new unit, and it's always easier if we have everything back that you got from us.

    Please include a description of the fault. It is not enough to write something like "as discussed in the forum" - that's taking up too much time of the technician to look for the error description. Your package should be complete, and the technician should have all information when opening the parcel. If such a description is not complete or even missing, your parcel might be sitting here waiting to be worked on for a very long time. Our staff has clear instructions not to look for a fault if there is no description, because that is too time-consuming. On the other hand, don't be too verbose - keep your description short. We prefer a simple step-by-step description of how to replicate the fault.

    Please use a tracked and insured parcel service. Even if the unit is defective or not completely working as you expect it, a possible loss should be covered by the shipping company's insurance.

    If you're sending from outside the EU, declare a low value. Since the returned unit is defective, it can't possibly have the new-value. For shipments from outside the EU, a high value declaration will most certainly result in us needing to pick up the parcel at the customs office, which is more than two hours round-trip (plus the time waiting in line until one of the counters is free). Another alternative would be to have the import papers completed by an agent, which costs us well over 60,- EUR per parcel. We therefore recommend to complete the customs declaration in line with the truth: A defective piece of computer equipment has a remaining value of 5,- EUR or whatever equivalent that is in your currency. With this declaration and the description "defective computer part for repair", your parcel will smoothly pass customs and arrive here with no delays. We will charge for extra time that we need to spend to get a parcel through customs if the contents are over-declared.

    Last not least: The address. We're a small business. Although some of our developers are working from home, we only have a single address:

    individual Computers Jens Schönfeld GmbH

    Im Zemmer 6

    52152 Simmerath


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