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    Was there any fix for this in the end? Pretty much my chameleon 64 v2 is sitting around unused; tried several monitors including one on the wiki I got second hand but working (the Dell 1708FPf) but still the same smeary/ghosting on video in all modes.


    Thought I'd give trying to photograph the problem I'm having with ghosting on all of my screens. This is the best I could get btw. I've had to increase the contrast in this image btw as it is hard to capture on camera but it is much more pronounced (and at all resolutions) on my monitors. For example on the normal C64 blue screen and after setting the cursor to white I can see about 3 or 4 ghosts after the cursor.

    BTW I did also try upgrading to the new core (9k) but no improvement.


    Try lower output resolutions with a lower pixel clock - this is now possible, and gives a considerable improvement. If you're only trying high output resolutions with high H/V frequencies, you're too close to the hardware limits.

    I did try with the lower resolutions and clock although I still get similar problems unfortunatly. They are better than the higher modes but still as I had earlier I'm even still getting some ghosting.


    Hope I'm not hijacking anything here but I'm getting a similar problem to the above; I made a post here about it. I don't think my vga cable is at fault as it works with another vga output, and I get smearing/ghosting too even with a monitor (which is working fine, e.g with rasberry pi) with a built in cable. Maybe my chameleon 2 is faulty?


    I'll give another cable a try but I do not think that is the problem. One of the monitors I tried has its own built-in cable and works fine (for example with a rasbperry pi). This monitor had the exact same problem with chameleon 2 as did all the others.


    Hello all!

    I'm having a bit of a problem here with my chameleon 64 (Version 2). The problem isn't with the operation with the unit but with the VGA output. I'm getting a very smeary picture with ghosting. Unfortunatly it is hard to show this problem "on-camera" all that well although I've tried to attach some pictures below. I've tried with 3 displays (One is a DVI monitor which will accept a vga input via a vga to dvi converter); another a normal HDMI monitor (I used a powered vga to hdmi converter) and an actual monitor with vga input.

    The problem remains the same with all 3; trying to change the screenmode on the chameleon either makes the problem worse or the monitor refuses to accept the screen mode setting. In particular when I used the HDMI monitor/powered VGA to HDMI converter and tried to resolve the problem by increasing the video mode on the chameleon the result more closely resembled early 80s UHF TV output - !

    Unfortunatly I no longer have any other vga monitors around :-(

    I've attached a couple of pictures btw. I don't seem to have any connection issues btw (cables fit ok in chameleon 64's vga output port). I've also tried differnet power supplies.

    Anyone know why I'm gettng such a poor smeary vga output?

    Here's the first picture. Note the fuzzyness to the right of each character. I could not get it to show on camera but a little to the right of the white cursor there's also a ghost of the white cursor.

    Smeary picture again shown here with lots of smearing in the blue part of the image here (blue background, yellow characters).

    I did not use any "sharpening" settings on any of the monitors (only the HDMI display even had that, and it was not being used).


    Gave the next186 core a try on my old v1 chameleon and decided to give a few things a go. Unfortunatly my results were somewhat mixed.

    A pity it dosen't emulate a 386 if it had that'd brought in some of the older dos based emulators.

    Some things worked better than others and some things didn't seem to work at all -- there seems to be lots of issues with graphics at the moment. For example locoscript (more famous on the old amstrad pcw machines although there is a PC version too) started ok but the cursor used to select files just seems to "draw all over the screen".

    Turbo pascal 4 also runs and compiles ok - but seems to suffer from corrupted text in graphics mode. Qbasic will run as well but the graphics aren't quite 100%; for example try this:

    1. screen 9
    2. circle (100,100),50
    3. for t=1 to 15
    4. print t
    5. next

    The circle will show OK but the numbers from 1 to 15 appear as corrupted blocks of colour.

    BTW is this what the chameleon version is based apon btw? If it is then (just purely for curiositys' sake) that website mentions the next186 core being able to run windows 3.0 . I did try this but I'm not sure how they got it to work; the installer crashed with a "divide by zero" error while installing on another machine ended up with video corruption and an error "cannot find network.drv" x.x