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    WOW - Thank You Timm

    I will test it and let You know!

    Jens  Timm

    Hello again, I tested your update - works GREAT! Thank you very much. Its now more flexible.

    The different settings can be loaded by cllicking on script in icon or in tool menu, or just be applied just before the game run.


    By the way, I noticed that when some configujration file is loaded an applied for the first time the screen goes blank for a while.

    When this configuration file is loaded again later, the screen doesn't go blank..

    No, this is currently not available. The idea was that you have multiple configurations applying to the same Amiga mode in your main configuration, and switch them manually using the live config.

    The flashtool is not suitable here either, as it lacks the infrastructure to trigger a configuration.

    Thanks for answer, I hope it will be possible maybe in some future update..

    Please upload the config in question, then Timm can have a look at that on Monday when he's back in the office. If I remember right, the config tool is treating the interlace modes of a certain standard equal to the non-interlace modes, so you may need to find different selection criteria.

    If you had the MK2/MK2cr version before, this was different: The interlace modes were treated like separate screen modes, but this caused the monitor to drop out for a short time when the new mode settings were automatically applied. This was especially annoying if you drag a non-laced screen down, and an interlaced screen is visible in the background: The whole screen will then interlace, and the older MK2/MK2cr flicker fixers will apply a new output mode, possibly causing the monitor to show a black screen for several seconds until it has re-synced.

    Hi again,

    I wanted to test that issue on different 144hz monitor. This time I used HP 22" 144hz.

    I am not uploading the config because this config exists in the default settings (reset to defaults).

    The preset name is "Pre 800x600 PAL", but for the VGA mode I selected this preset: "Pre 800x600 @100 VSync" (double buffer off)

    So the result is that when HiresLaced mode is present the monitor is going black.

    Also in the standard noninterlaced modes I noticed the screen moves like up/down every half second.

    Anyway, when I turn off the VSync - everything is OK. All modes are visible. Ofcourse there is a tearing effect. So I am using Double Buffer option

    to get rid of that. The one disadvantage of this solution is - in interlaced mode when the screen is moving fast (like in the SlamTile multiball mode) the screen is tearing very badly.

    Please do, as this will render a thread like this unnecessary.

    Hi again,

    So I tested like this:

    1. IndivisionAGAMK3 CONFIGFILE my_config.conf

    The result was that the Indivisinon prefs application opened with loaded config. Thats what I expected.

    I had to click buttons to accept this.

    My question was, would it be possible to apply the config file without opening the application and confirm the changes.

    I would like to make a script that could be run as icon in WB, after double click lets say icon named my_config_1, the my_config_1 would be applied

    and alive just like this - without additinal confirm..


    I made some tests with 144 hz monitor. I tried the Pre 800x600 @100 VSync preset + double duffer and

    it works great and smooth. But it didn't work with Hires-Laced..

    I tried to make a preset that would run at Hires Laced only (I placed it above the previous) but Indivision didn't use that.

    So is there any trick to have that Pre 800x600 @100 VSync and be able to use Hires Laced?

    Thank You in advance..


    - I turned off the VSync option - so the Hires Laced now is displayed - I think this is the golden-middle,


    I tried the 1280x1024 VSync+autores preset and it works very smooth.

    Unfortunately its immpossible to scale the image.

    I noticed a 800x600 100hz preset.

    Again unfortunately with this resolutinon I can't scale image without distortions.

    I will be making some tests with 144hz monitor,

    is it possible to get 1280x1024 in 100hz?

    I did some calculation in the VGA calculator, and the Indivision pixel clock was a bit not enough..

    I wanted to ask - is it possible to maybe fine tune that settings so it is possible to get 1280x1024 in 100hz?

    Is it a matter of firmware or the hardware capabilities?

    I didn't like the 50hz result - my eyes were hurting :)


    I read in the manual that with the command line argument I can load startup config file.

    I didn't test it - but I guess that the application will also run - and to apply the new config file I will have to

    click the button as always.

    I was wondering - because probably I will have like 1-3 different config files

    would it be possible to run the applicatio with the command line and config file name

    and automatic applaying the config file?

    I could then make a script for running a specific game,

    for example:

    1. // before game start apply the config 1
    2. IndivisionAGAmk3 QUIET config_1.file
    3. gamestart
    4. // after game ends apply standard config 2
    5. IndivisionAGAmk3 QUIET config_2.file

    it would speed up the whole process - I wouldn't have to apply the config first - I could make every thing with double-click.

    I saved that preset in the file

    After loading it - it will override your preset list - it will disable the 800x600 PAL preset and put new preset after it (at the very bottom of the list)

    You have just to click Save & Accept button to make changes.

    So if you have some your settings that you want to keep - you should save them first.


    Indivision is a great stuff..

    I played with the settings recently to try to make games looks better.

    Better I mean - there was a lot of blank space - so I tried to resize it but also without much distortions on graphic and darken scanlines..

    I am sharing my settings - maybe you will find it useful..

    Please note that I upgraded firmware to 1.9..