ACA 4000

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  • Hello There,

    Is there a chance for we customers of individual computers, to have in near future , perhaps, an ACA 4000 68060 60MHZ with embebded SCSI controller and 128MB RAM ? It would be very nice to replace the old cyberstorm 060 and warp engine 040. I own an Amiga 4000 with warp engine 040 128MB ram with SCSI II hard drive running at 10mb/s and seek speed around 1ms, but unfortunately 040/40mhz isn´t fast enough. Thank you...

  • Just for clearence:

    I am from Brazil, user and fan of Amiga Commodore for around 20 years.

    At the moment I own :

    ACA 500 plus, and ordered one more from individual computers.

    ACA 1233n, which I am using with the ACA 500 Plus with RTC module

    X-surf-100 Zorro III inside the Amiga 4000

    Rapid Road for X-surf 100 Amiga 4000

    Memory expansion A604N for Amiga 600

    Indivision ECS V2 For A604n installed in Amiga 600

    Perhaps will buy the new ACA 1221lc...

    And the P96 RTG software to use with the upcoming zz9000 from MNT.

  • I already answered this in the ACA1240/1260 thread: If the ACA1240/1260 is a financial success, I will definitely think about making an A3000/4000 version. However, it won't be with SCSI, as I consider that useless these days. SATA and flash cards sound like more usable options to me.

    Don't ask for a time frame. We've been working on the ACA1240/1260 since 2015 (with interruptions), and we have some more projects in the pipe.