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  • a1200

    HELLO, i have problem with indivision AGA in my a1200, after turning on the computer, the image looks very glitchy, after 5 minutes everything returns to normal,

    all capacitors replaced and made FIX127R, where is the problem ?

  • Ok, that should do the trick. That it works after some minutes of "warm up" does actually hint the problem being connected to temperature.... first please make sure the indivision sits really tight on the Lisa IC (apply some gentle force).

  • Further, there may be more fixes required if you're running higher-resolution screen modes. Most of the "flickering" effects that you see aren't caused by Indivision, but they are merely made visible by Indivision. The root cause is that the AGA chipset wasn't fully tested by Commodore before it was released (mostly due to lack of monitors that can display all the modes).

    Please specify:

    - what version of Indivision you actually have (it's not 100% clear from your description)

    - what version is the Lisa chip on your main board (take a picture if you're not sure how to identify the manufacturer HP, Commodore or VLSI).

    - what's the exact screenmode you are running

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