Indivision ECS v2 promoting screens with WHload

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  • This is impossible to solve without more information. Please describe your system, the software/hardware you have installed and of course what you did in terms of the possible causes that are displayed. Further, please list all the tooltypes you've entered for that specific game, and of course for the WHDload prefs.

    Needless to say that it's not any "Indivision ECS V2" problem, but just a problem with your software installation. You will get the exact same error if you remove Indivision ECS V2, so please understand that this is already out of the scope of product support. However, I think this is quite easy to solve.

  • Hi Jens,

    Thanks for your answer. Yes, you are right, Indivision ECS v2 works perfectly. I went back and installed the original Denise chip and the same error :(. I wanted to be 100% sure.

    In WinUAE, running CoffinOS I can launch any game using iGame.

    My Amiga 2500 has a Vampire with RTG, VideoToaster A4000, Indivision ECS v2, Indivision 2 Mb chip, Vlab Motion, Toccata, AD512 sound card, Ariadne, Personal Animation Recorder, TBC IV.

    I didnt change anything in the tooltypes or WHDloadprefs.

    So, yes, this is more a software issue. I will try tonight again.

    If somebody has any idea to help me out :)

    thanks again.

  • My Amiga 2500 has a Vampire

    You might want to try with a real 68k CPU, if available. Also, with the Video Toaster installed, your system probably constantly runs in Genlock mode. This means that timing is a bit different from the Agnus-generated timing, which games may not like.

  • Jens, sorry I didnt reply sooner. I did remove my A4000 toaster and same issue.

    So, tired removing hardware here and there I did run an fresh copy of CoffinOS and it works on

    both sides, Invidision for OCS and ECS displays and Vampire for RTG.

    I will start again installing drivers etc and I will update this thread once I find the issue.

    One thing I found is...... you have to activate the Toaster's Genlock and once you do that, it will be there running always. So, when you boot your Amiga for the first time, it is not activated. At least with my settings.

    Another thing is. DCTV and RGB adapter dont like to live with a Toaster installed when it is running.

    I guess because DCTV is takign the power from RGB 23 pins connector and Toaster is taking some kind of power from there too (A2000 video Slot is very close to the RGB 23 pins). I am not sure 100% but, they are fighting. I love my DCTV but I have to take it out for now.

    Thanks again for your help and I will try to find this problem ;)

  • Another thing is. DCTV and RGB adapter dont like to live with a Toaster installed when it is running.

    DCTV was practically a myth in Germany - we did read about it back in the days, but I don't even know anyone who has ever seen one in the flesh.

    From what I remember, that thing might want to activate Genlock functions as well, so syncing to single pixels is easier. That would mean two genlock sources for the Amiga, which is not possible. And yes, the DB23-RGB and the internal RGB share almost all signals, and there is no arbitration signal at all. The word "fighting" describes the situation quite nicely, including the possible outcome of something being damaged.

  • Jens, I found the problem.

    Installing ModePRO to force screenshots in RTG mode. Removing ModePRO from WBStartup will allow WHLoad to play games again.

    arrghhh it took me a few days to find out this issue.


    I hope it helps. Thanks for your help and is awesome having Indivision ECS and Vampire working together.

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