ACA500plus firmware V0.135

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  • New firmware for the ACA500plus has been published today. Changes:

    • (patch) Added workaround for pre-3.1.4 KS ROM $c00000 RAM detection bug that corrupts single word per 256k of RAM tested.
    • (visibility) Strikethrough added to menu items that are not supported when virtual autoconfig/F0 ROM is switched off
    • (fix) ACA1221EC Map ROM support fixed
    • (feature) ACA1221EC Action Replay/HRTMon support added
    • (fix): A1200 accelerator MapROM was always enabled if compatible accelerator was installed
    • (fix) Fixed old scsi.device bug, if long (>255 block) read or write crossed any 4G border (4G, 8G, 12G..)
    • Increased AUX CF detection delay from 3s to 10s
    • Don't modify VPOSW LOF bit (includes AR3 patch), keeps sync stable, prevents temporary black screen when used with some scandoublers and LCD displays
    • Preparations for future ACA12xx accelerators added
    • (fix) New (July 2019) ACA1233N 68000 mode switch support
    • (visibility) Added ACA1221EC version and first-name to information page.

    As usual, the firmware update can be downloaded from our Wiki.

  • Awesome, I can´t wait to get one, it is going into a totally stock A500 Rev 6A with kickstart 1.3, do I need anything else to get it going besides CF cards?
    Jacob Vognsen, Denmark :):):)