X-Surf-500 on other accelerators

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  • Hi, there is any chance that this amazing hardware is able to work on an ACA1221ec or an Aca1233n?

    It will be amazing be connected on a network and have the pcmcia slot free.

    Kind regards

  • The X-Surf-500 is really only for ACA500 and ACA500plus. There is currently no other card where this can be used on. I do intend to add the same connector on ACE1k (planned chipram expansion for A1000), but I would not have any proper mechanical idea for an A1200-internal version.

    Reason is that the RJ45 connector is mounted directly on the X-Surf-500, and there would be two challenges: 1) fitting it under the A1200 keyboard and 2) making it accessible from the outside world.

    Besides, what other (better?) application is there for the PCMCIA slot, if not network? Serious question! I always considered it an OK-solution, even if it's not the best-performing solution.

  • Hi, Mr Jens. We can use the unused small trap door to put an rj45 connector that come from the ACA12xx card( I have seen some projects on yeggi about 3d printing ideas), but this is a fantasy of mine. I know that engineer something is not easy. I found really useful the PCMCIA as external cf reader. Unfortunately the current Ethernet solutions are not that easy and performing like the x-surf, so transfer files with samba is a little bit painful. And the PCMCIA can't take advantage from the power of an ACA Cards( in my best knowledge). I got an ACA1221ec and I am planning for a 1233n but I don't know if this can improve the actual performance of the PCMCIA eth card (currently is 10 Mbit card but I can do 2 Mbit when I am lucky).

    Kind regards

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