X-Surf 100 not showing in boot menu

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  • Hi,

    My Amiga 4000's X-Surf 100 (with Rapid Road) apparently sustained some damage after my 4000 PSU blew a fuse a while ago (the X-Surf 100 and Rapid Road were working fine before that). :-\

    My A4000's PSU is being repaired and recapped, but in the meantime--just to check--I plugged the X-Surf 100 into my Amiga 3000. The Ethernet LED flashes/blinks, but it no longer shows up in the early-startup "Diagnostics" boot menu screen, even when trying different Zorro slots.

    Is it possible to send it in for repair? I bought it directly from Individual Computers last year.



  • Basically resolved; now shows as "Working" in the boot menu after I thoroughly cleaned all slots (motherboard and daughterboard) and card edge connectors in my A3000 with Isopropyl Alcohol. Appreciate the advice given here about that!

    USB device loads fine--no errors; I just need to install the fat95 file system handler from Aminet so it can read my USB flash drive.

    I was under the impression that AmigaOS 3.1.4 automatically handled Fat95 and Fat32-formatted devices, but will have to do some digging on that.

    Any recommendation as to what filesystem is best for formatting USB devices under Windows for use with Rapid Road?

  • Once I put in Fat95 and used the standard setup, Ive had no issues reading cards for Windows...I hooked up a multi format card reader and plugged in a 4 gig compact flash...backed up my entire hard drive and had GBs to spare....I wouldn't be concerned about the filesystem until you have an issue...

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