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  • Hi,

    My Micromys V4 doesnt work anymore.

    Ive only used it a couple of times but that was some years ago.

    It hasnt been exposed for anything, just laying in a box.

    Is there anything I can do about it or do I have to buy a new one?...

    Greatful for help, regards...


  • These normally don't break "just like that" - the only thing I can imagine is that it is mechanically demaged - either a bad cable, or the 16MHz crystal, which is sensitive to shock.

    What computer are you trying it on? Micromys V4 has auto-detection which may fail on a certain machine or if you're attempting hot-plug.

  • Hi,

    Its on a A1200 and a CD32.

    There is no direct visible damage on it.

    I Shall measure the cables.

    Is it possible for me to exchange the crystal?

    Ive just recapped my old CD32 and installed a used TerribleFire board!....

    Always thought you would release such a board first!...

    I have quiet a few of youre other Amiga products and thet are all awesome!.. 🤗🤗



  • The crystal of Micromys V4 is a standard HC49-SMD 16MHz crystal with 20pf load capacitance. Can't get any more "standard" than that. However, unsoldering this may be a challenge, as most of the contact area is under the plastic protector, and you will have a hard time heating the whole area of both pins at the same time. You should maybe measure with an oscilloscope if it swings at 16MHz - if it does, there is no need to solder on it.

  • Hi again,

    All of the cables are fine and the crystal swings so in this case it seems like some other component has thrown in the towel!.....

    I think I'll have to order a new one then...

    Thanks for the response!..

    best regards,...


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