RapidRoad works only in Workbench?

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  • Hello,

    I've got my hands on a recapped A1200 and I'm currently planning how to expand it. The RapidRoad looks very interesting but I'm missing a key fact that none of the review articles or videos mentioned: Does a compatible USB Joystick/Mouse work with WHDLoad games? What about booting directly from a game disk? I presume that the Poseidon stack will only work inside Workbench?

    Thank you!

  • The Poseidon USB stack must run in order for keyboards, mice or joysticks to work. Even WHDload games won't be able to use USB devices, as they mostly switch off the OS and talk to the port hardware directly.

    If you are looking for a mouse adapter, I suggest to wait for Micromys V5, which is about to be released. This works without drivers in any game, but also on WB - and it's considerably cheaper than RapidRoad.

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