Posting pictures on forum.

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  • It seams you can't load large picture files greater that 1 mb on this forum. Many of you and myself need to get software to shrink the file size witch is time consuming. The easiest way I found is to get a old 4 megapixel camera and use it, this way you don't need to convert your photos. Make sure you can read the storage media on your computer. I have a old 2mp Olympus I bought 25 years ago and it used Smartmedia which my pc did not support. I found another Olympus 4 mp camera that used XD media and my pc did support it and the files are under 1mb. Hope this helps.:)

  • Gimp (Linux) and Irfanview (Windows) are the quickest methods to shrink pictures. There might be even quicker ways with apps on smart phones.


  • Pretty sure it requires an additional click or two at most on Android...

    In any case, the reason for that limit is that all those clever plugins for woltlab that shrink images on upload would do this always, no matter what - which makes it impossible to post sharp images of schematics or things like that (*)

    (*) Or well, it was like this when i looked at it some years ago. Should do it again :)

  • Make up your mind - first you say it's a waste of time, now you'll do whatever you need?

    What desktop do you use, outside your phone?