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  • Hello. I have a rather stupid question. I’m attempting to order a product and there are many mandatory lines for supplying my address and there is no description for them. My address does not require 9 lines. ...and the (PayPal)order won’t complete with any of the 20 combinations I’ve tried.

  • The address is divided into company name (can be left empty) and your personal name - I guess that's not a big deal.

    Street and number are separated into two fields, because too many (mainly German) customers forgot to enter the house number. If your address does not use a house number, just enter "-" there.

    PayPal does check the "state" field of the address in order to verify if a credit card payment is legit. I understand that it is unusual for many countries to write the state into the address, but the shop system cannot make a difference in terms of "fields to be completed" between countrie, so just enter whatever feels correct if it's not the use to add a state to the address in your country.

    Last not least, please verify if your credit card is good for international use. Sometimes PayPal rejects a payment because a safety feature has been activated for a certain credit card. You'll have to call your bank in such a case.

  • OK. Now I understand. "Number" is "House Number" I was confused because in the USA we just put the house number with the street name. Now I know that I need to separate the house number from the street name.

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