Bigramplus issue

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  • Hi,

    my board show only 192mb.

    Tested as single board on 3000D/4000D/3000T/4000T in all zorro slots with 3640/3660/3630 and BFG9060.

    Thanks in advance for support.

  • fralbore

    Changed the title of the thread from “Bigramplus problem” to “Bigramplus issue”.
  • You might want to provide the output of ShowConfig with the Debug option for the BigRAM - it might help ID what the OS is seeing.

    Former GVP Tech Support 1989-93, GuruROM Maker/Supporter (as personal time allows)

  • Hi Jens, I wrote an email (Italy) to you.

    This evening I will post photos of wb showconfig and amigatestkit.

    I used it for at least 3 years on A3000T never problem since some days ago.

  • Unfortunately I not be able to redirect text on a file.txt, amiga returns an empty file.

    Actual system for test is a amiga 3000T/3660/68060 50mhz rev1 with mediator - kick 3.2.

    I can test on other amiga's systems with 3.9 or 3.1.4 but BIGRAMPLUS always shows only 192 mb.

    It's very strange because never had problems with this card.

    Thanks for your support.

  • Maybe I'm remembering wrong - did you report that a RAM chip gets hot?

    You seem to have two systems, one with 3660 and another self-made accelerator. Do you also tinker with power supplies?

    What version exactly is your BRP board? That is: Colour, warranty ID. I'd like to look up the history.

  • I also tested with an a3630 + a3640 and on other systems (3000D, 4000D and 4000T).

    Black pcb colour, I ll purchased it from a german shop seller with invoice. I no longer have the document. Seem no hot RAM chips and no bend legs.

    On warranty seal there are wrote tTanL, please tell me if you need other info or photos of BRP.

  • Hi

    I also Have an Issue with my BIGRAM+.

    I have one acill A4000D rev B replica with an original daughter board, added Kickstart 3.2.2 ROMs and one A3660 CPU board.

    Installed Amiga 3.2 on a CF memory and started it but the only memmory deteted was the 2Mb chip memmory and 16Mb fast memmory.

    Even started from floppy AmiKit 1.21 (latest release), and checked the memmory list but BIGRAM+ was not visible.

    Can anyone help me?

  • PLease use this card in an original COmmodore Amiga first. These replicas are hand-built, they come from bobbyists and I refuse to give support for computers that are in an unknown state of function.