ACA500plus Compatibility

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  • Hi all - apologies for the newbie question but presumably the ACA500plus is not compatible with my A600?

    Looking to get my 600 back up and running after many years - if the ACA500plus will not work is there a similar device for that model?

    Thanks in advance.

  • I'm not Jens and I don't remember exactly, so take this with some grain of salt, please. :-)

    The idea is to use such an extension as an enabler for the ACA1234. We've talked about other possible uses, but at best it's in pre-planning.

  • I already have a non-assembled prototype PCB, but I goofed up on the dimensions (distance of chips on the A600 main board), so the prototype will only be good for functional, not mechanical verification.

  • Thanks - so likely my best bet is an IDE to compact flash adapter then to be able to boot from a virtual hard drive?

    Yes - we have such an adapter in our portfolio, and I recommend that over any other adapter for it's buffering and mechanical layout: It's pretty much impossible to install it the wrong way.

    I have a doubt, is there a way to house an ACA1234 inside the A600. I can't think of how it can be placed inside.

    It's going to be a tight fit, and the HD cradle needs to go (as with pretty much any accelerator).

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