P96 Download lost

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  • So you choose the lowest-possible price two times, saying you want it as cheap as possible, maybe because you thought "I'm not going to cause extra work for them". Now you're asking for extra service because you didn't make backups.

    Serious question: What money shall I use to pay for the time to dig out the right version and eMail it to you?

  • I'm asking you to help me that's all. I know it's my fault, if you don't have time no problem, I will ask a friend ...

    If I spoke like that to my customers... I wouldn't have any more customers...

  • You got what you paid for - that's how life goes. You make decisions and live with the consequences. I've written in numerous articles that P96 is a losing game for iComp. It's in your hands to change this.

  • You are really one of the lowest-possible characters that I can think of - an attempt of uploading P96 V3.2.4 to Aminet, then an upload to AmigaWarez. Both caught by fellow Amigans who know what's right.

    So instead of admitting that you've done the wrong thing twice, you continue doing wrong things? Is this how you treat other developers as well? What's your message? Steal other people's work if you can't have it for free? Do you want to kill off commercial development for the Amiga?

    Again, P96 is a losing game for iComp. I'm happy to sell the asset to anyone who will compensate for my losses.