X-Surf 100 problems

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  • I have an X-Surf 100 that I purchased a couple of years ago, and it sat around while I was distracted by real-life problems. Putting it in my A3000, sysinfo doesn't see it or anything above it on the daughter card. (And stuff above it doesn't seem to work.) Is it just dead, or is there something that got scrambled somehow that I could reflash?

  • The X-Surf-100 does not have any flash, and the programmable logic on it is not user-programmable. However, data retention in these chips is "a few ten years", so I don't expect that to lose it's contents.

    Please remove the card and clean it's connector with alcohol and a micro fibre cloth (don't use contact sprays!), then re-seat the card. Do the same for the slot, but replace the micro fible cloth with an old toothbruch - these old slots have gathered fine dust over three decades, so cleaning is a very good idea.

    Next step would be to close the jumper, which puts it into Z2 mode. If that makes it work, we can continue looking for a cause (Buster, other cards).

  • Will do tomorrow, although I should say that I've tried it in other slots and other cards (including a bigram plus and someone else's ide controller) work in the slots that it fails in.

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