Nordic Replay failure

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  • Hi!

    As Jens asked, I open this ticket here about the failure of my Nordic Replay card.

    I was very happy to receive the Nordic Replay card with rr-net mk3 card at the end of September 2021. (order ID 104346).

    After receiving it, I was able to use both cards and flashed one of the banks of Nordic Replay one time with Graham's firmware: it was working fine. (I did flashing only once)

    But now if I power up my C64-C, the normal BASIC boot sequence happens with a limited amount of memory displayed (30719 BASIC BYTES FREE).

    Reset works, but freeze does not work: the screen freezes but the card's freeze routine in the ROM does not start.

    If I close the flash jumper and the bank selection jumper to flash it with Cyberpunx Flash Utility v5.0a (r28), I get this error message:

    Checking for Replay RAM - Nothing found?


    ?syntax error in 20


    Also the IDENTIFY application crashes.

    If the card is in flash mode, IDENTIFY writes 01 00 00 in every row, so the second value (device id) is not 20, as expected.

    It seems to me like the AM29F010A chip may have died?

    But I am just a C64 demo coder from the nineties, not a hardware expert, so I do not know for sure...

    I have 2 C64-C, both have the same issue as above written, also the RR-Net MK3 works fine if directly attached to the computer. Also my old turbo card works fine with both C64s, so I believe the Retro Replay card has a hardware issue, not the C64, as both computers work fine with rr-net and the old turbo card.

    Card warranty identifier: hTrQ6

    Please help, what should be the next step now?

  • Since a lot of problems with cartridges are related to the physical cartridge connector, please try cleaning both the C64 Expansion Port and the connector at the card (old toothbrush and isopropanol works great for this - do NOT use "contact spray" please).

    Since both the RAM and the Flash are not detected, bad connection seems more likely than a bad memory chip.... if cleaning doesnt fix it, perhaps the CPLD gave up (that we can only check in the workshop)

  • Dear Tobias,

    I tried the cleaning as you wrote. It did not help. Please also note, that I have 2 C64, and 2 other cartridges, all other cards are working fine in both C64, but the failed Nordic Replay do not work in any C64 even after the port was cleaned.

    Please inform me, how to post this back to you?

    I would like to buy a C64 Reloaded mk2 and maybe some other items as well, so maybe after the repair you could send me back to fixed card and the new products in one delivery - is this possible?

    Thanks a lot,


  • Dear Jens,

    Today I posted the faulty Nordic Replay to you, it will be there in 2-4 days.

    I also payed my order (C64 Reloaded mk2 with 3 assessories): iComp Order ID 107320

    Please, wait for the repairment of the card and send back to me the fixed Nordic Replay with the payed 4 new items together.

    I highly appreciate your products and your "don't waste any resources" approache!

    Thanks a lot and best regards,