Micromys and OS3.2 mouse support.

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  • Jens, I have an issue with either my micromys v3 or v5 slim. If I enable the wheel mouse support in O3.2 with the Micromys driver in my startup sequence WB will eventually freeze, usually after a short time. My v3 is on an A1200 equipped with a bppc. My v5 is on an A1200 equipped with an ACA1233n55.

    Removing micromys from startup-sequence resolves it.

    Happens on both machines.

    Wondering if you have observed this or can reproduce it ?

  • I don't use OS3.2 in any of my installations. First thing I'd do is to ask the OS3.2 team if they changed anything in the way the input stream is handled. The Micromys wheel driver emerged from the same routines that the Poseidon USB stack uses to inject it's data into the input stream. THis means: If Poseidon still works (haven't heard anything else yet), the scrollwheel driver should also work.

    It may of course be possible that the potentiometer reading (hardware allocation) has changed - that's something that was written specifically for the Micromys driver. Again, this is a question that only Hyperion can answer.

  • I have a well known usb to db9 adapter. It got the same issue, while the rapidroad is simply working like under os 3.1(.4)

    This confirms atleast that poseidon works as expected under 3.2 (rapid road on my a1200 and deneb on my a4000t).

    I dont think it say's to much about the scroolwheel function too since it can be a driver issue for this device, but maybe it makes it more plausible that something has changed since scrollwheel wasnt natively supported before 3.2(?)

  • OK, so before we blame any of the OS3.2 developers, let's check a few small things first:

    OS3.2 does not requrie FreeWheel any more. Please make sure to NOT install Freewheel, or remove it manually if it has been installed.

    Further, you may have a software that supports the native Wheel-Events (Rawkey 0x7x). These may be confused by the translated cursor up/down events. There was a MUI-hack to inhibit this with Freewheel, and that same MUI-hack /flag still works under 3.2.

    Further, if you have Lyra3 or a similar keyboard adapter with support for the stealth key commands, you might want to check if switching off the stealth commands helps, as these may clash with the rawkey wheel events and ultimately cause the crash.

  • I have a lyra2 with an A4000 keyboard so I don't believe the stealth feature is being used. I do have MUI 3.8 installed, but not freewheel. I'll do some more digging and see if I can capture something with Muforce.

  • I have a lyra2 with an A4000 keyboard so I don't believe the stealth feature is being used.

    Lyra2 does support the Stealth protocol - check if it's activated by pressing left-shift and Pause, then the TAB key. This will type the current config in plain text. However, I got info from one of the OS3.2 team members who confirmed that key-up codes (which are the only ones used by the stealth protocol) are ignored by Intuition V47. Still, it might be interesting to see if there is any piece of software that you can point to as the cause of the crash - other than the Micromys driver, which does not seem to be at fault, as other drivers are causing the same crash, as mbruines197703 reported.

  • I did some more testing. On my a500 and a1200 (both with aca1233n@40Mhz) it crashed when using the driver of the DB9 to USB device.

    On my a4000t with 060 accelerator however, i noticed that everything went just very slow. Took ages to move the mouse cursor just a bit.

    This was testen on just plain OS3.2 install, no other things exept for this driver installed and the needed libraries for the 060.

    Btw, im not blaming anyone, i think in my case its simply the combination of OS3.2 and the software and maybe even the firmware for this particuler device.

  • Here's an experimental version V1.1 of the Micromys driver. Note that this is experimental, as it's completely untested. Based on the patches that were required on the hid.class, Chris had an immediate hunch that it's a good idea to avoid the IND_WRITEEVENT function with the new version of the OS.

    No installer included - please install manually and report back if it improves the situation.

  • Sorry for the delay.

    Yes version 1.1 is working for me OK under 3.2 both on the v3 and v5slim micromys.

    I'm going to see how it works under 0S4.1 beta on the A1200T tonight (its dual boot 3.2 4.1 machine btw).

  • This does NOT seem to be the "same problem", as the only report about OS3.2 in this thread is positive, and the only negative report is for a PPC OS that isn't supported in the first place.

    So the fact that you're having trouble with OS3.2.1 and the V1.1 driver is either telling me that something in 3.2.1 got messed up (again) versus OS3.2, and it's a case for Hyperion to solve. However, To my knowledge, this part of 3.2 has not been touched, and it's more likely that you just have an older copy of the driver (somewhere) on your harddisk that you just haven't found yet, but has a higher priority in your path. Make sure to really delete the old copy, not move it somewhere else, or call the new driver with it's full path to be absolutely sure that you are using only that.

  • Cap75 did you resolve the problem with OS3.2.1? We now have a second case where a customer reports trouble with OS3.2.1 and since we do not have any copy of OS3.2.1 registered with Hyperion (we're just selling sealed CDs), we either need someone to open a support ticket with Hyperion, or some hints about how to resolve the "scroll wheel not working" problem.

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