ACA1233n 40 acatool problems

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  • hello, I have recently purchased a ACA1233n 40 and no matter what i do the aca tool tells me no board found, i can get the older acatune to work but i was under the impression that the correct one to use is acatool can anybody advise? Thank you.

  • its a second-hand item from amibay, and i really like it! Just want to know what software i should be using as like i say acatool dosnt seem to work. Im pretty sure its user error so figured id ask here.

  • So what am I doing wrong with ACATool? if I double click it to get the GUI it just dosnt do anything and if I run it from command line I get the help page but any other command results in a board not found.

  • That's why I'm asking for the autoconfig information - early cards that were released to beta testers had a different autoconfig info. These cards were not charged for, or they were sold at a lower price under the condition that iComp has the first right of refusal for a buy-back. Yours may be one of those, so it may be totally legit that ACAtool refuses to work with it.

  • Your picture does not show the autoconfig information, only the memory chunks that are available in the computer.

    Also this is a purchased board as it has the original Icomp receipt in the box dated April of 2019

    ..then you surely have a warranty ID of the card - that's way easier for us to verify. Please make sure that the warranty ID on the card is the same as the one on the box.

  • the ID its XTV6W

    Passed QC in September 2014, left here a few days later. This is definitely not the card that belongs to the 2019 invoice that you got with it. If you give me the invoice number, I can easily find the card that was shipped with it, without revealing any personal information to the public.

    you asked for the output of showconfig - thats whats in the screenshot?

    It lacks the autoconfig information, which *should* be there, because you see the 126M Fastmem chunk. That chunk of memory is added with the Z3 autoconfig mechanism, so it works, but the ID is not shown. There *should* be additional output after the three memory lines that starts with "Boards:".

    I do see that you have V46 installed, which may be different. Just try Sysinfo, click on "boards".

  • I get a "No autoconfig boards found"

    Then the board is possibly plain defective. I have no explanation why the 126MB chunk of memory is shown - possibly a quirk of the new Kickstart? Hmm.. Do you have a chance to test with Kick/OS3.1?

    Order ID 55447 and under that is RG19-1406

    Shipped to Salerno, Italy on April 10th, 2019. Warranty ID was "jTL&Q". This invoice has nothing to do with the card you've purchased, as I pointed out earlier.

  • the older ACATune software works

    Interesting - it should not work at all, as the ACA1233n simply does not have the "Common ACA interface" any more.

    Thinking about this a little more, and looking at the screenshot that you provided, this must be either an ACA1232, or an ACA1233, without the "n", because the memory chunk is located at $0800.0000, and not at $4000.0000 where a Z3 board would be located. This is supported by the delivery date of the warranty ID that you have quoted: In 2014, the ACA1233n didn't even exist. It's a design update that I made in 2016.

    The easiest way to tell is the colour of the board: ACA1232 and ACA1233 were both red. The ACA1233n was always black.

    So yes, ACAtune is the software you need to work with. Are you on OS 3.1.4 or OS3.2 with it?

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