A4k X-Surf Drivers

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  • Where would I fund drivers for X-Surf (C)91999 J. Schonfeld Kingston KNE20BT?

    This server won't allow me to upload a picture of it even though it's under 1MB. Also, what is the Gold Surfer port for?

  • That's the old 10MBit version of the X-Surf.

    As for all technical questions, our Wiki is the prime source of information and downloads. The X-Surf page has a download section where you can find the short manual and Sana drivers, which are in the same archive as the latest 100MBit drivers. Although the card has been sold out for over a decade, we've updated the drivers for it with the latest release of the 100MBit drivers.

    Note that you also need a TCP/IP stack to install network on an Amiga. This is not part of the package. The easiest way to install network on an Amiga is to use our version of the AmiTCP stack, which comes with an automatic installer and a GUI that covers most common networking cases. You can buy this install disk in our shop after logging in - download products are only shown to logged-in users, as they are delivered through the "order history" page of the shop, and that's of course not available to guests.

    The AmiTCP install disk also contains the 10MBit drivers, and will install them when needed.

    Also, what is the Gold Surfer port for?

    That was a connector for the product that was later called "Hypercom 3+ module" - a 2-serial and 1-parallel interface card. The name "Goldsurfer" was never used for any product. I just thought of it when making the PCB ("Silversurfer" was a popular product back then).

  • BTW, I really love my ACA500+

    Thanks! You'll love networking on the Amiga just as much. The AmiTCP install disk was developed while the X-Surf-500 was developed. I wanted it to have the same ease of installation as all the other features that the ACA500plus offers, and it turned out to become the de-facto standard for networking on the Amiga. Just look at any YT video that shows off networking: You'll see the iComp GUI in most of them.

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