X-Surf-100 & Roadshow

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  • I just installed an X-Surf-100 into my Amiga 2000 with GeForce 030 and 15MB RAM (1MB chip). OS is

    I am using the latest RoadShow and latest x-surf-100 driver. Both the .device driver and X-Surf-100 NetInterface files are in the correct locations.

    Machine GURUs on network start. The only thing I thought might cause trouble is the 030 cache. The wiki says these will not be active with the card in a Zorro II slot. I do not believe these are on by default with this accelerator. I also temporarily disabled kickstart mapped to Fast RAM. It did not help.

    The card is visible in the early start menu board diagnostics. I also tried closing the jumper to force Zorro II mode.

  • I found v1.10 of the x-surf test program in the previous x-surf-100 driver archive.

    All looks good with the card according to the test.

    Maybe I will try an older driver package, one that still had the separate CPU versions.

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