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  • Howdy!

    I've just been given two Amiga 500s and need to get good video output to an LCD TV.

    I saw on the website if I have Workbench 1.3 I can use it but I have to write files via a PC? Is that correct? How hard is that to do? I'm fairly tech savvy.

    I've not had an Amiga before. I have another 500 with 1.2 so will stick with the 1.3 version. I'm waiting on a Gotek to be delivered and hunting down a mouse.


  • It's a bit more complicated than that - the flash tool will let you upload a configuration using the command line, but there is no program on the PC that lets you edit a config. The tool is really only available on the Amiga, so you'll need another computer with Kick 2.0 or higher in order to make a config.

    I suggest to take a closer look at the ACA500plus - it brings all the Kickstart versions that are useful, and also includes WB3.1 with an automatic installer. Much more convenient than a Gotek drive can ever be.

    For mouse, have a look at Micromys.

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