AGA MK III - green picture

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  • I just installed Indivision AGA MK3 in my Amiga 1200. The picture has a green tint with both HDMI and VGA connection to Dell 2001FP. When I connect Amiga RGB to the monitor's VGA input (bypassing Indivision) the picture is normal. During boot the picture looks normal. In workbench when I press CTRL+Shift+Tilda, I see the Indivision overlay in nice white text over blue background, but the Workbench behind it is still green. The only other internally connected device is 4GB CF-IDE. I removed accelerator and floppy drive. The Indivision seems to have a nice snug fit. Please help.


    HDMI/DVI (VGA same result)

    Amiga RBG

  • This is not unusual for a computer that's well over 25 years old. The pins were probably just oxidized, and re-seating it has scratched off the non-conducting part of the surface.

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