Indivision ECS V2 with PT1210 software

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  • Hi,

    I have been using my Indivision ECS v2 for a few months now and I'm really happy with it, by far the best picture quality I've had from my Amiga.

    This week I have come across a problem with the PT1210 DJ software:

    When running the software on my A600 with the Indivision installed, I cannot see the file browser in the PT1210 software (toggled on and off by pressing HELP) - the bottom half of the screen is just black. If I connect the same A600 using RGB to SCART, the file browser displays fine... I have even connected both screens at the same time and the file browser is absent on the screen using the Indivision.

    I haven't had any other compatibility problems so far. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

  • Before we investigate this, can you please report what version of the firmware is installed in your Indivision ECS V2? If you've bought it fresh, you may have an older version, and I remember at least one update that fixed a Sprite/Bitmap priority problem.

  • Hi Jens,

    I am running firmware dated 27 March 2020. I purchased the card in July and updated the firmware myself.

    If it is also useful, I am using the card on an A600 with board revision 1.5. I also have a Furia accelerator installed, but have tried removing the Furia and the problem persists. I have also tried swapping the Indivision into another A600 (also rev 1.5, and with no accelerator or other expansions) and the problem still persists.

  • OK, I have swapped it for an original A600 PSU. The problem with PT1210 is still the same.

    I have measured the voltages at various places around the board, all voltages on the 5V rail are around 4.95V.

  • Does that software need registering, or can you just install it on any Amiga and launch it? Mods should be no problem, Aminet is full of them :-)

  • No registration required. Just put the executable file in the same folder as the mods and run it. The first screen that appears should be a file browser showing the mod files for selection - that is what is absent when I run on the machine with the Indivision.

    Yes, lots on aminet but of varying quality :)

  • Peter would be the one to fix this, but I have put him on a long-overdue update of Chameleon, which may well take until next week.

    It's on the Todo-list, and there are more back-ports of fixes from Indivision AGA MK3 that will fix a few issues "here and there" in the FPGA core.

  • We investigated the issue and found that the PT1210 software is messing with the Genlock Audio bit. This will switch on Graffiti mode if Graffiti mode is enabled.

    So the obvious fix is to disable Graffiti emulation in the config tool, and PT1210 will show all parts of the screen.

    It might be worth contacting the authors of the software to have them fix the problem.

  • Hi Jens,

    Just to let you know that disabling the graffiti emulation had the desired effect and the software is now running fine for me.

    Today I heard from D0pefish, one of the PT1210 developers, who said:

    I ran into your Indivision bug today and remembered it. It's been fixed If you're still in contact with Jens, pass on my thanks for the precise diagnosis - we were accidentally setting the Genlock audio bit when we probably meant COLOR_ON (which just enables color composite on Amiga 1000)

    I guess this also means someone out there trying to DJ with an A1000 using composite video will suddenly gain color. Yay.

  • - we were accidentally setting the Genlock audio bit when we probably meant COLOR_ON (which just enables color composite on Amiga 1000)

    Please relay to the guy that the A1000 has the exact same meaning on this bit; Genlock Audio has never changed over the history of Amiga models. Colour is "always on" the composite output of the A1000. The story that Carl Sassenrath told about that part of the circuit is that they were actually fighting to keep the MK1377 encoder chip in the design, as that produced TV studio quality output. Due to it's high price, Commodore wanted to have it out (which they actually did on the later models).

  • I may as well reply here as I have an account! :)

    Thanks again for this info - fascinating!

    Would you say that it is correct to always enable the COLOR bit?

    I found this note in the WHDLoad docs, which seems to agree:


    Some hardware especially flickerfixer require that this bit is set to output a proper video signal. Therefore for best compatibility this bit should always be set. Checked are direct writes to custom.bplcon0 and all Copper lists.

    As for GAUD, I just ensured that we don't set this bit thanks to your advice, and everything seems fine on my own Indivision ECS now. :)

  • Bit#9 of BPLCON0 likely refers to the seldomly-used "Burst" output pin of Denise, which does not exist on Lisa, and that isn't even used in any other computer than the A1000. So the description in the HRM may actually be correct that Bit#9 of BPLCON0 switches colour off/on on the A1000, but since 99.9% of the users have been using RGB monitors, this never became common knowledge.

    I can see how some flicker fixers have used this "Burst" signal to generate sync signals, which of course may lead to a failure if the bit is not set. Funny to see that I missed this for.. how long? 35 years?

    Anyway, the short answer would be: Yes, I'd always enable the COLOR bit.

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