I cannot get my New MK3 to work at all. Seems completely dead.

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  • My MK3 1200 is not working at all. I just bought it. I am sure it is connected properly. Machine boots up normally with composite cable but VGA and HDMI Do not work at all.

    Can you please help me?

  • Let's check the simple things first: You say that you believe it's connected properly. Is the unit really tight on the board so that you can lift the main board on it? Many people don't dare to push as hard as required.

  • Hi, I'm having the same issue with mine - no output at all on the VGA or HDMI, and it's definitely on there as tight as it'll get. Still got output via RGB, but the card seems kaput

  • In case it's of any use - attempting to use the AGA config tools via the RGB output gives a "Hardware not found" message

  • We do test each and every unit before it's packed, so the best guess I have is that something mecahnical got damaged. We've changed the way that the units are packed, because there were two cases (both solved here in this forum) where a component was ripped off, likely because something scratched on the surface of the flicker fixer.

    I looked up both of your warranty IDs; The one in the UK is on the edge where we've made the change in packing, so it may have come with "all boards in the small bag", but the one from daver999999999 went through QC on August 13th, so it is definitely possible for that to have been damaged in transport. Sorry for being vague about the unit from samingrams - I have access to the QC pictures on the NAS, but the database server is switched off during the weekend.

    Please give this a good optical inspection - you're looking for a tiny component that might be ripped off, likely labelled "Ln" with n being a one- or two-digit number. These components are on both sides of the board. If you can take a high-resolution macro picture, I can check that if you post it here.

  • Hi,

    I've had a good look over it, but can't find anything that looks like it's come off. Please see attached pictures.

    In case it's helpful as well - I'm running KS 3.1.4 on board Rev1D.1.

    [please upload, don't link to data mining pages]

  • I'm having the same problem. I can't get it to work. It's as firmly installed as I can get it to sit. I cannot find any damage on my Amiga 1200 chips or the Indivision AGA MK3. I connected using RGB to see the screen and booted up the IndivisionAGAmk3-1.6.adf. The message I get is that the MK3 was not detected. Jens, can you help me?

  • I could not see the dropbox picture, as it would not release any data unless I switch off all safety measures here. Please upload pictures in this forum only.

  • The system will not allow me to upload them It says they are too big.

    Then downsize them to a level where the amount of data is in proper repation to the visible size :-) It's not all that hard. GIMP on Linux or Irfanview on Windows machines can do it. I'm sure that fruity-glossy computer-like things have similar programs.

  • So you are saying I need to edit the photographs so I can upload them? So I need to learn to use photo editing software in order to get a warranty replacement? The Board doesn't work. I would like it replaced. Is that not good enough?

  • Hi,

    Please see attached as requested - luckily I do image manipulation as part of my day job and have the software and knowledge on hand...

    As aforementioned, there aren't any parts that I can see which have disconnected.

  • right, both these units show no damage at all. I therefore believe that they are still in the state that they left here, and that's "tested, working OK".

    Please give your Lisa chip a good wash with an old toothbrush and IPA. While it's still wet, please push the flicker fixer on and see if it's working better. The best explanation I currently have is that the pins of Lisa are oxidized, and at least one essential signal is not making it's way to our logic.