Aca1233n out of stock

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  • Hello,

    ACA1233n 40Mhz + MMU is written as "Out of stock" is it true, or just the known bug of the webshop software.

    If true, when will it be available?



  • It's true that we currently only have the 55MHz version. I do not have any trustworthy source of 68030 processors, so the only accelerators we can currently offer are ACA1221lc and the ACA1233n-55.

  • The whole lineup of cards 123x is sold up now. Does that mean that the 1240/60 cards will be available soon? :)

    Unfortunately, it only means that we can't deliver any 68030 card at this point, so the ACA1221lc is the only accelerator left. However, the ACA1240/1260 is not yet ready for production, as Indivisino AGA MK3 took way more time to develop than we anticipated. So it'll be some time until something more powerful than the ACA1221lc is available.

  • Do you think you will have any ACA1233n in stock soon?

    Still looking for an affordable stock of 68030s from a credible source. No idea when a seller is willing to drop the price - I was already watching things in march when the stock market dropped considerably, but CPU prices didn't really drop that much during that time.

    Trouble is that too many people pay insane prices on eBay, and sellers in China of course know that - they rather sell single units for 40-60 dollars rather than a few hundred at a considerable volume discount. In the end, this just means that accelerators will either get more expensive, or some features need to be stripped in order to keep the price increase within affordable limits.

  • Sorry, all ACA1233n boards that we've produced in the last run were equipped with 50MHz CPUs that passed our overclocking test last year. What we have left already has a CPU, but is safety stock for possible warranty claims.

    I do have plans for a new board that will address the challenges we have in a market where prices for CPUs go insanely high. I just learned this week that a large stock of M68k CPUs were crushed for their gold content when the gold price crossed the $2000-mark earlier this year. So I may be looking for Plastic PGA or QFP packages that were also used for 68030s, and attempt to lower the price of the logic/memory controller to keep the overall price increase within sane limits. The ACA1233n uses two CPLDs, where one of them even has 144 Macrocells. With some newly-gained knowledge about the Budgie chip (reverse-engineered part of it last month), I'll be able to eliminate the 72-macrocell CPLD, and by removing a few of the rarely-used features (such as "downgrade to memory expansion only"), it's likely that I can use a 72-macrocell CPLD in place of the current 144-macrocell CPLD.

    If that's too technical: Development goes on, and chances are good that we'll have new 68030 accelerators in the not-too-distant future.

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