New ACA500plus blue screen

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  • Hi,

    I just got my ACA500plus yesterday ordern from

    I only get a blue screen when I turn the Amiga on, nothing else is happening.

    I can press the DisMo Button and get 0 and blinkning- so its not totaly .

    Any idea what could be wrong?

    Thanks/ Mats

  • Good Morning All,

    I just received my ACA500plus and I'm very impressed with it but on one of my Amigas I have these same symptoms. The DisMo displays 05, 06 then stops at 20. This Amiga has Kickstart 1.2 onboard and normally boots to a green screen which I believe is a CHIP RAM problem. I was hoping that I could use my ACA500plus to boot DIAGROM to help me diagnose the problem.

    Any help would be gratefully received



  • Green screen is an alert that less than 256k of chip ram have been found. Look for a leaked battery, remove the trapdoor expansion, clean the Agnus socket. Oh, and never connect the ACA500plus to a known-bad Amiga!

  • I can't find an ACA500plus with that number. It's case-sensitive, please double-check.

    Edit: Found it with all-upper case (last one I tried). The picture shows no damage in that spot, so that has happened after it left here.

    Again, you should be testing on a known-good Amiga. You may just be looking at a scratch in the surface that has no influence on function. However, if your A500 displays a green screen even without the ACA500plus, you should repair that first, and then try the ACA500plus again. Note that the ACA500plus is not a diagnostic tool - it's an accelerator with many more functions, but certainly not diagnostics.

  • Hi Jens,

    The A500 is working prefect whitout the aca500plus, I have no other side expansion to try with so maybe thats the issue.

    Do you think that maybe I didnt connect it properly wish caused a short or something or that the side port on the A500 may have burend the card?

    (just wondering if I should order a new card and be more careful)


  • The A500 is working prefect whitout the aca500plus,

    Sorry - I didn't look at the name of the person who posted answer#4, stating that the A500 produces a green screen when switching on.

    If you believe that the ACA500plus was inserted wrong and "something" burned, please measure the "resistors of shame": They should be 22R each. You can find them on the component side of the board in the corner where die 86-pin connector and the CF connectors meet, left of the Trashcan-symbol.

  • Hi,

    I checked the resistors and the are both ok, 22R each.

    I am 100% sure that I didn´t install the card upside down.

    When I took the A500 montherboard out of the case I could see that the protective metal plate seemd to touch the ACA500plus at the place that I posted a picture of earlier.

    Could that have coused the issue maybe? (It look melted).

    I just trying to figure out if its worth buying another aca500plus or if my Amiga might be burning cards. (The Amiga works fine without the ACA500plus attached)

  • We need to take a look at the card here - I can't say from a distance what's broken, but so far, no repair of an ACA500plus was more expensive than a new card. So what you should do is to bend the metal part in place, so it won't scratch or short any signal when the card comes back from service.

    Please read this article for details about how to send products back to iComp.