Amiga 600

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  • The ACA630 will not return, but the next A600 card that I am planning will let you use A1200 accelerators. This will give you a range of accelerators, and we only have a single thing to design.

  • Something tells me that if using an amiga 1200 accelerator in an amiga 600 requires the removal of the floppy drive ...

    It would be very nice if it is possible to use the external floppy connector as df0: as with the ACA500plus (without soldering). Maybe a rapidroad will fit then too ;).

  • oooh now thats interesting....I look forwards to that

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    A500 rev6a project

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  • I'm taking Amiga-things rather slow these past months (ever since there's a company attempting to destroy the community..), so please don't ask for a release date of such a new development.

  • Ah - that's in terms of accelerators: Once I have the A600 adapter, I only design A1200 accelerators, as these will work on the ACA500(plus), the ACA2000 (if I ever get to that), the A600 (with adapter) and of course the A1200.

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