Accelerator for Amiga 2000

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  • There is still a plan to make an A2000-version of the ACA500plus. I already have a few drawings, even purchased a few sample parts for testing if the intended mechanical solution is viable, but stopped those efforts in favour of other projects that shall all be finished before Xmas 2018.

  • Hi Mr Jens. Thanks. I really hope to see a powerful accelerator, may be more powerful of the ACA1233n. I really care about the Amiga 2000.

    In the while I am waiting for new Indivision ecs to make one order with the new Xsurf 500.

    Kind regards

  • I assume the sidecar bus of the A500 is a mix of the CPU bus socket and Zorro slots in the A2000? I was rather wondering if it were possible to make a PCB card shim that would interface an A2000 slot to the ACA500 connector.

    Of course, this might be in the realm of "it's possible" while also being not at all optimal.

  • There's a Polish guy making exactly such a board, but I strongly recommend not to use that. The ACA500plus does NOT handle Zorro expansions at all, only keeps 2M space available.

  • I was considering the same thing as above, would you not be able to produce such adapter? Perhaps with a upgrade for Zorro expansion handeling in firmware on the ACA500plus? Those cf slots might be expanded with a cable to a 3.5" bay, except for the freezer function that is.

    Could be sold as a nice upgrade set.

    Kind regards,


  • As I just wrote in another thread, I'm taking "Amiga things" rather these past few months - ever since it became too obvious that there's a company attempting to destroy the Amiga community. So while I will continue to develop hardware for the Amiga, other things may push Amiga-things down the prio list, so no delivery date for anything new at this point.