ACA500 Plus Problems

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  • Thought i would start my own thread not hijack someone else's thread and will upload pics as soon as i can

    i have a second hand aca500 plus

    it was got after being plugged in upside down bot thanks to Jens explaining diffrence between v1 and v2 boards i have it up and running as one of the resistors of shame was blown and is now bridged till my replacement 22r 0603 resistors arrive.

    i have ordered replacement compact flash sockets from Jens site as the ones for this board are missing so will have an attempt at repairing them as a lot of the pads are missing so ive ordered some .02 gage enameled wire to make bridge connections.

  • tried to take some pics but there way to large to post here.

    Ive re-fitted the 22r resistor and the aca500 plus has its protection back and i still have 9 spare just waiting to the enameled wire and cf slots to see if they can be fixed.

  • Jens

    Ive received the cf sockets today and i have a question about the aca500 plus, would you have a schismatic so i can trace where all the ripped off pads go to as i will need to bridge a lot of points from the to ic's or via's etc and its going to take a extremely long time but if you have a schismatic it would cut the time down drastically is there any help you could give me?.

  • Schematics won't help you as much as a layout :-) Please find a screenshot from the CAD program.

    tried to take some pics but there way to large to post here.

    Re-sizing and reducing JPG quality is a good idea. "Irfanview" on Windows does a good job on this: load the pic, mark the new frame with the mouse, press CTRL-Y to make that the new pic, then CTRL-R, enter the new resolution (for example 1000 pixels on the X-axis), then save with 65% JPG quality and ideally no EXIF data. This will give you significantly smaller-sized web-compatible pictures.

    The attached one is even a lossless format (png), but only has just over 70k because I have reduced the colour depth. You should learn to do the same - there's no use in sending megabytes of pictures through the internet when 100k will contain the same amount of usable information.

  • Jens, thank you so much for that as its exactly what i was looking for as pin 3 from left of the left cf sockets runs under the ic and i can now see where its gong.

    thank you so much for that