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    RR042581765BR BRAZIL GERMANY On route

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    19/01/2021 10:01 Posting/Collection BRPR095
    21/01/2021 00:16 Arrival at outward office of exchange SAO PAULO
    26/01/2021 11:24 Departure from outward office of exchange SAO PAULO
    28/01/2021 17:55 Arrival at inward office of exchange FRANKFURT/M
    28/01/2021 17:55 Held by customs FRANKFURT/M
    02/02/2021 11:54 Arrival at inward office of exchange FRANKFURT/M
    02/02/2021 11:54 Departure from inward office of exchange FRANKFURT/M
    02/02/2021 11:54 Unsuccessful delivery IPZ Frankfurt Payment of charges/Item being held, addressee being notified
    02/02/2021 12:14 Arrival at inward office of exchange FRANKFURT/M
    02/02/2021 12:14 Held by customs FRANKFURT/M
    02/02/2021 20:33 Departure from inward office of exchange FRANKFURT/M
    03/02/2021 10:43 Unsuccessful delivery 745036737300 Addressee not available at time of delivery/Attempted delivery today

    Just for record....

    I am a huge fan of Amiga Commodore for almost 30 years. But for me it is very hard and expensive to keep this hobby. Here in Brazil, due high taxes about 60% over imported produts and the exchange that is 6 for 1, one dolar=6 Brazilian Real, turns insane those operations of buying Amiga products nowadays. In 90´s were much easier, people that lives in USA, must remember the Software Hut company. I bought several Amiga items from softwate Hut at that time. Good times. Cheaper and easier to acquire than today. Thanks to Icomp and other few companies, Amiga is still alive. I own a lot of Icomp products, but hardware failure is not an option to me, costs me a lot of money.. So, every day I cross my fingers to not have this kind of problem. That´s why my concern about new Amiga products. Fortunately Icomp manufactures good products, but failures can occur. It is inevitable. But even with all care I dedicate for keeping away from hardware failures, unfortunately they still can happen. As what happened with the ACA500 plus.

    I have a dedicated space for my Amigas.....Use Panamax power conditioner to keep constant and controlled voltage of 120V 60HZ and use them almost every day.....That´s it.

    Thank you for your time

    Francisco Jr


    Here in Brazil, this process demands time and it is complicated, unfortunately....and must be done within 180 days after purchase.

    Please read this...

    In cases where goods purchased from abroad arrive in Brazilian customs territory with defects or flaws, it is important that the Brazilian company has knowledge of the procedures related to the replacement of imported goods.

    The request for replacement or repair of goods must be filed with the Federal Revenue unit that carried out the import dispatch within 90 days, counted from the date of customs clearance. There is a possibility that this period may be extended to 180 days in special cases that are duly justified before the RFB.

    The substitution of goods occurs through a process called Temporary Export. In this regime, the RFB authorizes the export of an asset, understanding that it will return to the country within a specific period, authorizing its reimportation without paying taxes. In order for the Temporary Export regime to be characterized, the substitution or repair purpose must be mentioned in the RE (Export Registry). It will also be necessary, before the goods leave the Brazilian importer, that a LI (Import License) be registered so that it is linked to the Export Registry, characterizing the operation in question.

    I think it is much easier to send as a gift....I will take the risk to pay the taxes again, but if you declare a low value when returning to me, i think it will be ok.

    What do you think?