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Don't Panic. Please wash hands.

    Thanks for your reply, Jens!

    Trying to proactively get this thing started or at least see if there was a real demand for such an implementation, do you have an idea on how much money would it be needed?

    Knowing that then some crowdfunding attempt through a platform like could possibly be made.

    Hello Jens!

    Since I'm currently running a Radeon gfx card in my Mediator and with current P96/Elbox driver my Amiga is already able to display the same screen on 2 monitors together (one through DVI and the other through VGA), I was wondering: would it be possible to implement some kind of real dual monitor support in P96, with different screens depending on the gfx card output, or would it be too tricky?

    Thank you!

    This file is not included in our archive. You should get it from the author of the Voodoo drivers.

    Jens, if you look just 2 lines below, you'll see that the file was actually found and loaded from another position:

    1. 99 ramlib Load LIBS:picasso96/3dfxVoodoo.chip OK

    And not sure why you're saying I should get the driver elsewhere, when 3dfxVoodoo.chip file is indeed in the Picasso96.lha archive (please see line #50 below):

    So, better never than late, I finally made the test, and unfortunately here's the message that pops up when I double click on the monitor icon:

    Nothing fancy in the tooltype configuration, I made it only point to the Mediator.card found in the P96 archive with following line:


    From SnoopDos output, it seems to me that the Voodoo is correctly detected, but for some unknown reason P96 fails to properly start its driver:

    Like I wrote, I don't have a Mediator, and I really don't want one. Since I have only seen a Mediator in the flesh "fully installed" at meetings, I don't have any experience in setting them up either. This is really the wrong place to discuss Mediator things, I'm afraid.

    Hello Jens,

    I think you misunderstood me: I wasn't asking about specific Mediator things, but rather about two Picasso96 drivers found in the latest released Picasso96 archive which seem to be specific to the Mediator and the pci gfx cards you put in there, so some actual documentation on how to use them would have been nice.

    I still haven't found the time, but as soon as I have some spare time I'll try to do some tests myself and see if I can make my Amiga use them instead of the Elbox Voodoo.card it's seemingly currently still using.

    Hey Jens,

    and thanks a lot for your reply!

    I could clearly do some trial and error to figure out how these new drivers work, but if you could give me some hints on how to configure the Mediator.card to work together with the 3dfxVoodoo.chip I'd really appreciate them.

    AFAIR making the Elbox driver work with the official Picasso96 installation was a bit of a hack, in that you had to install another gfx card and then rename files, maybe I should try copying their same approach...

    I've recently updated my Picasso96 to the latest v2.4.3, and noticed that in the Libs/Picasso96 directory, two brand new 3dfxVoodoo.chip and Mediator.card files have appeared. Well, maybe they're not really brand new and I've never noticed them before, but since the installer didn't show me Voodoo as gfx card option during the installation process, being the owner of a Mediator+Voodoo combo I was wondering if they're intended to eventually replace the Voodoo.card I once downloaded from Elbox?

    Thank you!