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    I was wondering... if my c64 machine doesn’t boot up properly even with the TC inserted does that rule out the possiblity of bad ram chips in the c64 since the TC brings its own ram? Does it in fact rule out any of the chips in my machine?

    Have you tried with some electronic cleaner in the C64 cartridge port? It may not make good contact with the TC64 V2

    Hey that's a good thing to test! After all this is the first cartridge that has been used in the system for who knows how many years. What product/method do you recommend?

    Tried standalone mode today and it worked. I think I am definitely having some kind of issue with my c64 machine itself. I think maybe bad ram chips but I'm not certain.

    I think the answer to the question I was asking about factory reset can be found in chapter 5.1.1 of the Turbo Chameleon user guide. For example if you want to boot with default settings you can hold the 1 key during boot (this seems to flush all of the custom settings written to flash). Can somebody more experienced than I please confirm this is correct?

    After receiving my TCV2 yesterday I was using it in cartridge mode with my BB c64 and just cruising through the menu system trying to get familiar. Now when I turn it on from full power-off the TC doesn't seem to boot up. On the VGA output I see a strange pinkish-orange pattern (which dances around the screen) and something that looks like part of a machine code monitor at the very top of the screen. (see image attached)

    I was thinking maybe I messed up the settings on the TC somehow. I recall that I was loading some preinstalled cartridges into some of the slots. If that's the case what can I do to reset the settings? Do I need to reinstall the default software or is there some kind of "factory reset" that I could try first? None of the buttons on the TC seem to be doing anything and I have already tried power cycling the C64 and completely disconnecting/reconnecting everything.