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Don't Panic. Please wash hands.

    Patience guys, it will all take time. The minimig core is the least fun core to port because of how it was written - so it might not happen real soon.

    You know us. Eager to test :-)

    Are you aiming for a quick port just to get the V1 core running "as is" on the V2 or are you doing further changes ?

    This was very interesting reading! Especially nice to read about how it all started out and with the meeting in Eindhoven. I guess it is these memories to think back on that really makes it worth it -- even though you have put down a lot of time.

    Thank you so much for sharing this story. Feel free to share more in the future if you come up with funny stories or facts that you guys know would draw a smile on the face of your users :-)

    Hi. I am the founder of the FB group for the TC64 and love to update it
    daily to draw a crowd and inform everybody of this fantastic cartridge.

    Could you share some fun facts with us about the product, the production process
    or something I can share with the group ?

    Keep up the great work.

    The ECS Minimig core already has Turbo ChipRAM so you get some of those benefits already. (Zeewolf 2 runs really nicely, for example.)

    I'm not making any promises regarding the AGA core because it involves porting not just the chipset design, but also the firmware in the MIST's onboard microcontroller - which the Chameleon has to replicate within the FPGA as a second CPU (which is why it might not fit). For the forseeable future I'll only be tackling the low-hanging fruit - porting the existing ChameleonV1 cores.

    Mr. Robinson, how far have you gotten on the ECS-Core task. I am asking so I can inform the group over at FB :-) Everybody is standing in circle around you chanting and ready to throw $-bills at you ;-)

    While I do see the smily on your post, there's an important detail that makes it "not so funny": Chemicals don't only enter the human body as food. Mere skin contact may cause health trouble, so it's always a better idea if such complex molecules are "not there at all".

    I hear you, and thankful for putting you adding this health aspect to your product. This is Retro eHealth Compliance at its best. Thumbs up!

    The problem with this is: there is surely another group of people who like the autofire and want to keep it. And since one thing we dont want to do during developing the chameleon is removing features that once worked, just replacing it is not an option.

    Can it be solved with a "true/false" setting in a configfile and that it defaults to autofire, but can be UP as well if set to e.g. false in the configfile ? Is there such a file already which can be used to hold these things ? I am ust throwing out ideas here :)

    No, adding another option is something we dont want to do at this point, because we are running out of bits in the control registes.

    I understand. Did you discuss internally if the B button could be joy-up instead of autofire ?

    Peter has implemented the Y/N now, and i patched the sidplayer :) Once the CIA problems (most visible with the vic20 core) are solved i'll post a test core

    NICE :) Did he also change the autofire to "UP" ? Maybe there could be a menu-option to toggle that buttons functionality between JOY-UP and AUTOFIRE ?

    UPDATE: I want to change my idea of using a user-defineable textfile that TC reads upon boot to suggest that the TC has a "Infrared" menu option where the user can go in and the TC asks the user to press different keys on his IR and it learns the codes. That would be ULTRA KOOL! :-) This is something I think you really should consider -- it would be very supernice. It also solves your problem for the future if you run out of CDTV remotes on stock :) (A moment ago).


    Since the IR on the TC work so great with the CDTV controller (and its many buttons) -- I was wondering, how cool would it be if the user could use a IR-keyboard as well. Maybe one of those hotel-tv combo-units that has qwerty-keyb on one side and gamepad on the other side.

    Then we could really be couch-gaming :) This would of course mean that there would have to be added support in the core to load a user-defined translation textfile on the root of the SD card where one have to add the IR-codes which should correspond to the proper c64 keyboard button.

    I am just throwing this out -- as I think it was a very good idea :) I am sure there are technical obstacles here, but I am addressing experts and feel confident this idea will spin in your mind over the morning coffee and during the visit to the toilet.

    This could even be a good idea on how to let users use third party IR controllers (non cdtv ones) with their TC in the future too.