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    Same here. I bought it in December basing purely on the YouTube reviews and the features promoted on the icomp website, and I only found out later IndiECSv2 is plagued with this. I'm pretty disappointed with the ghosting (which doesn't really bother me much in the workbench but in demos is very visible). I also have this:…rojects/a2000-scandoubler scan doubler which gives me perfect picture quality yet it doesn't have scaler so image only takes a little over half of the screen... so no perfect solution here.
    I guess I will need to look for A2320 :(

    Yes, I know it had firmware flashed, I just wonder why it was the firmware which causes seemingly undocumented problems and not the trouble-free Buddha_ROM_52-101.bin (firmware bundled with the controller was in different (older?) version).

    PS: PSU was recapped.

    PPS: Everything seems to work fine now. I wanted to keep my boot partition on the SCSI drive and use IDE devices only for storage and moving the files from the PC so I deleted partitions created by the installer from the BigFoot IDE HDD and I configured FAT16-formatted CF card as additional drive (using FAT95 driver) for moving files from the PC both devices work OK!


    Using BuddhaFlashTool without any parameters resulted in following Error (when machine was booted without right mouse button pressed):

    Or with a freeze (when machine was booted with right mouse button pressed):

    Trying to flash the ROM (with right mouse button pressed on boot) resulted in the following error:

    So I removed the ROM from it's socket and flashed it in my TL866-II. Result: it seems to work now:

    The error visible on the first screen is still present when I try to use the tool without any parameters, but I think I will take it from here as the drive controller seems to work OK now. I wonder why it didn't came already flashed with this firmware (as the original one seems to be problematic and I wasted a bit too much time trying to figure it out :( ).

    Thanks for the help.

    Your forum is complaining about picture sizes because the script is to dumb to auto resize pictures (which forces me to resize the pics using external application). You complain about imgur (works perfectly well - I checked the problem you described in several browsers and it's non-existent) but it's me who is making things complicated? The passive-aggressive behaviour on your part is completly unnecessary and not something I would expect from a customer support.

    If you have looked at the pictures you would see that the DOM is in place (I havn't touched the factory configuration of the card) and by the second port I meant the another port beside the one with the DOM installed (not the second IDE channel).


    If there is a harddrive connected to the A2091, it surely has a higher boot priority than the DOM. Hold down both mouse buttons to get to early startup and specifically choose the DOM as boot partition.

    OK, I did what you told me. DOM partition is not visible at all.

    Here is how it looks in my first A2000 (the one with SCSI drive, Kickstart 3.1):

    First pic: Early boot menu - card list

    Second pic: Early boot menu - available boot devices (Buddha installed, SCSI drive disconnected), also IDE HDD (4GB Bigfoot drive) hooked up to the second channel

    Third pic: card list in the SysInfo

    Fourth pic: card list in WhichAmiga

    and here is how it looks in my second A2000 (plain jane machine, no extensions installed at all, Kickstart 2.0):

    First pic: card list in the SysInfo

    Second pic: Early boot menu - available boot devices


    Yes, there is, but I tried following configurations:

    - first Amiga without A2091

    - first Amiga with A2091 (and SCSI HDD)

    - second Amiga without A2091

    And it didn't worked in any of them (it's not booting from DOM).

    But sure, I will try with the mouse buttons. Thanks

    Hi, I finally found some time to play around with the parts ordered. Both the Micromys and Lyra 3 work perfectly fine, the Indivision ECS works too although I'm quite disappointed with the image quality (very appartent ghosting is present - is this normal?).

    Unfortunatelly Buddha IDE interface doesn't seem to work. It's visible in the card listing (in the SysInfo) in my both Amigas 2000, but it won't boot from the included Disk-on-Module (jumper next to it is installed) and no connected drives are visible anywhere (Workbench etc). I tested it with Kickstart 1.3, 2.0 and 3.1. At the same time my SCSI drives (A2091 card) or Fast RAM card do work perfectly fine so I guess it's not a Zorro slot issue as described in other threads here.

    Do I miss something because it definitely doesn't work as show in Jan Beta's youtube video...